BOOTH & WORKSHOPS: Design your Sustainable Product with the ecoDesign Sprint [Products, Objects, Hardware] (2)
WORKSHOP: [Reuse Repair Recycle] (2)
SOLUTION - Bottle Lab Berlin - 3D Printed Connectors To Use Deposit Bottles For Indoor Infrastructure [Products, Objects, Hardware] (4)
Innovation Workshop: Bioeconomy meets Circular Economy @OSCEdays Berlin 2018 [Business Models] (1)
TALK: Creating Positive Fashion with Beneficial Impact Strategies [Textiles & Fashion] (2)
EXHIBITION: Growing Interactive - 'Circular Berlin' - Exhibition @OSCEdays Berlin 2018 [Educate & Connect] (1)
Food Solutions – OSCEdays Berlin 2018 [Food] (1)
WORKSHOP: ... could we imagine public spaces as shared gardens of [Places & Spaces] (3)
WORKSHOP: Eco Print with Kitchen Waste - bring your own garment :) [Textiles & Fashion] (2)
TALK: Designing out Waste: Exploring barriers for material recirculation [Reuse Repair Recycle] (2)
WORKSHOP: 360 + 5 / Use Google Street View to find out what to do with the Parking Places once the Cars are gone [Places & Spaces] (6)
WORKSHOP – Circular Coding – learn about the roots of open source, how you can use coding as a superpower and let's explore how software can make an positive impact [Data & Code] (2)
PANEL: Challenges & Opportunities of Transparency in a Competitive Industry [Textiles & Fashion] (2)
WORKSHOP: C*c*c - circular composting clip - by She*fix [Reuse Repair Recycle] (2)
WORKSHOP - More solutions for Circularity with Larvae biodegrading Plastic [Reuse Repair Recycle] (2)
TALK: Good Garment Collective - challenges and opportunities within the textile supply chain from a manufacturer's point of view [Textiles & Fashion] (2)
TALK: ECOALF – recycled fabrics to create a new generation of sustainable products [Textiles & Fashion] (2)
TALK: Sustainable & Circular Clothing - by and about erie Berlin [Textiles & Fashion] (2)
TALK: How un-labeling can help to achieve a circular society [Textiles & Fashion] (5)
CHALLENGE: How to design the tendering for a circular construction project? [Places & Spaces] (2)
BOOTH & CHALLENGE: Mapping & Dreaming the Textile & Fashion Industry [Textiles & Fashion] (4)
WORKSHOP: From waste to bioplastic / Make your own furniture/objects [Materials] (3)
BOOTH - "Future Diaries" a VR-Series about our Future [Educate & Connect] (2)
PERFORMANCE: Bike Tour Performance :biking_woman: + Green Buzz Sustainability Drinks [Packaging & Mobility] (2)
Circular Textile Activities 2018 [Textiles & Fashion] (11)
Collaborative and circular Sabadell's maker spaces [Places & Spaces] (3)
FOOD-BOOTH: Eat, drink and reduce food waste with the RETT-O-MAT [Food] (1)
Disign thinking - Collaborative and circular Sabadell’s maker spaces [Places & Spaces] (2)
Workshop Collaborative and circular Sabadell’s maker spaces [Places & Spaces] (4)
WORKSHOP: OSCEdays Wake Up Activities \(●◠‿◠●)/! [Reuse Repair Recycle] (2)