WORKSHOPS & BOOTH – Build, code and create your own yarn (Studio HILO)


Who are we / Wer sind wir ?

We are the Studio HILO from Berlin and developed the easy-to-build spinning machine HILO. Professionals and enthusiasts alike can use the open-source software and open source hardware to produce their personalized yarn, locally and on-demand, and if they prefer from old textiles.

For more infos please visit:



What will we do / Was werden wir machen ?

We will offer 2 hour workshop sessions (a few daily!) – where participants will walk along, code and get hands-on in their own yarn production. Take away your personally created yarn!

The life cycle tour will start with the raw fibres (e.g. wool, silk and linen). We will walk through the yarn production process with the HILO machine and software (please feel free to code with us here!) and sit down cosily at the end – if you like – to knit with your self-spooned yarn.

The workshop is for free but we would be thankful for a lot of feedback and ideas on how to improve the HILO machine/software for open source users.

Time, Place & Supplies / Zeit, Ort und Ausstattung


Friday June 15 & Saturday June 16, all day
Register for the fixed workshop times at 10am/12am/2pm/4pm via
@Infralab Markt, OSCEdays Berlin 2018

We would need a space of about 3x3 meters. For our material life cycle tour it would be great to have high tables of about (in total) 6 meters length. And an extra table with 4-6 chairs where we can put a laptop with WIFI (for coding) and material for knitting the self-made yarn.

One Workshop (2 hours) takes place 4 times/day and consists of:

  • Yarn Life Cycle Tour (30 minutes)
  • HILO Code, Build and Knit Workshop (1,5 hours)
  • Participants are free to decide if they just want to do the “Yarn Life Cycle Tour” or stay for the Workshop. There is a limit of 6 people/Workshop – for the Life Cycle Tour it’s the more the happier.

Contact / Kontakt

Natalija Krasnoperova

Open Resources / Offenes Wissen

We are starting the research, so we don’t have more then our website/Vimeo videos from above. We would be happy to read anything interesting related to open resources and Studio HILO – just drop us a mail!


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To the session provider


Here is your briefing with info about tickets and your contribution to the Circular Berlin exhibition. Pls. check. And get in touch with questions of any kind.

Hey - You can also come already on Thursday with all your equipment. This gives us time to figure out how to set everything up for Fri & Sat.

Hey! That sounds great. Can I sign up for the workshop somewhere? Best, Samira

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Hi Samira, thanks for the interest!
We offer the workshops on Friday & Saturday at 10am, 12am, 2pm and 4pm – when would you like to join?
Cheers, Natalija


Hey Natalija,
thank you for your answer! I would be happy to join on Fr, at 4pm, if there is still a spot.
Kind regards,

Noted Samira! See you Friday, Natalija

Hey there! I’d like to join (only) the Lifecycle Tour on Saturday, 10am. See you there!

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Sure! See you there, Julia!

Good Morning,
I would like to partecipate to the event Saturday 16 June,
WORKSHOPS & BOOTH – Build, code and create your own yarn (Studio HILO)
Best Regards,


I would like to participate to the event Sat 16 June at 2pm or 4pm,
"WORKSHOPS & BOOTH – Build, code and create your own yarn (Studio HILO)"

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At what time (10, 12, 2, 4) would you like to join the workshop at Saturday? :slight_smile:

Hi Lani, you’re registered! See you at the workshop!