BOOTH & CHALLENGE: Mapping & Dreaming the Textile & Fashion Industry

Who are we?

We are erie Berlin, a young Berlin based sustainable and circular clothing brand aiming to create clothing that is in harmony within all processes of the lifespan of a piece of clothing.

What will we do?

“Mapping & Dreaming the Textile & Fashion Industry”

Together we will dream a textile and fashion industry that is supportive of all involved processes - What will it look like? What do we want it to be?

We will look into the aspects that are still limiting the fulfillment of our dreams and how we can shift the focus to new ways and ideas.

How is it connected to each one of us? Why is it relevant for each one of us? What can we do in our everyday private and/or working life to shift more and more the focus to a sustainable future?

Time, Place & Supplies

Time & Place

Friday 15th + Saturday 16th, all day

@Infralab Markt, OSCEdays Berlin 2018


Time: ?
Supplies: table, board, cards


Hannah Schorch


Hi @Hannah,

this looks very interesting.

How do you envision it? It is like a booth at a fair and people come by and talk to you and together you create a collection of ideas? How long do you want to have this happen? All day? And would you be up to do it the whole Friday and Saturday? Or just a couple of hours (how many) on what days?

Hi @Lars2i

Actually I’m not completly sure what the most optimal would be …
The booth Im up to doing all day on Friday and definitely it could be nice to have an open booth where people can stop by and dream an map and throughout the day the map grows and grows but maybe one point in the day for a brainstorming could also be nice - at like 15:30-16:30 ?

What do you say?


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To the session provider


Here is your briefing with info about tickets and your contribution to the Circular Berlin exhibition. Pls. check. And get in touch with questions of any kind.

I put you up for both days now - Fr. & Sat. We can change this any time.