TALK: Good Garment Collective - challenges and opportunities within the textile supply chain from a manufacturer's point of view

About Good Garment Collective

Making good garments is not only our passion but also a huge challenge for all makers involved in the product development. As a garment production agency, we support companies in developing sustainable textile products. From sourcing sustainable materials and trims to pattern making and production management we assist in all steps along the textile supply chain to contribute to change for better products. As part of our presentation we will present three best practice examples from our customer portfolio including the challenges they had to face and accomplished solutions.

Time: 15 minutes
Supplies: projector


Talk is part of the Fashion Talks Track on Friday June 15th from 12:30-14:30. Precise time can be found on the website. Location is @InnoZ Forum

Good Garment Collective UG
GneisenaustraƟe 53 A | 10961 Berlin


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