TALK: Designing out Waste: Exploring barriers for material recirculation

Who are we / Wer sind wir ?

My name is Isabel Ordóñez and I am a Chilean industrial designer, with a recently finished PhD in resource recovery from waste. You can find articles and a link to my thesis available here:

What will we do / Was werden wir machen ?

I would love to shortly present the results of my thesis and its practical implications. I explored through 3 studies what difficulties we face when trying to recover resources from the existing waste streams.

Time, Place & Supplies / Zeit, Ort und Ausstattung


Saturday, June 16, 14:30

@InnoZ Forum, OSCEdays Berlin 2018

I would be happy to join a session with other related talks or something. I would need presentation infrastructure (projector or screen, microphone if necessary). I can present for 20-30 minutes and then have time for Q&A.

Contact / Kontakt

You can contact me by email: or at my twitter account: @iopordonez

Open Resources / Offenes Wissen

Even though I cant make public all the articles I have published, my thesis which gathers most results from the articles, is available online totally free at this link:

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To the session provider


Here is your briefing with info about tickets and your contribution to the Circular Berlin exhibition. Pls. check. And get in touch with questions of any kind.