WORKSHOP: From waste to bioplastic / Make your own furniture/objects

Who are we?

My name is Tim van der Loo, designer and master student at Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin from the department textile- and surface design. My work engages with material, contrast, and tactility to generate playful objects.

What will we do?

For my current project ‘‘Bioplastic/waste workshop’’ that I am developing I will give a workshop to transform local waste into bioplastic.

The idea started with observing the city and finding material (waste) to use and process into new materials. Look around you and you will see a lot of posters layered over each other presenting the brands and events in Berlin. Those posters represent the urban tree where we could harvest our paper from. We are going to harvest those urban trees.

After, this paper posters are processed with easy steps into a paper pulp that is used as a part of the bio plastic. After that the experimenting begins! With many recipes and natural color adding we can cook a bioplastic that feels like a clay and has many qualities like making bowls, glueing wood pieces together and manual 3d printing.

Time, Place & Supplies


Friday June 15th + Saturday June 16th, all day

@Infralab WS3, OSCEdays Berlin 2018

I need electricity and water for the kitchen, maybe some more left over wood (think pallets/broken chairs) and card board tubes to experiment with.

DAYS: 15th & 16th, all day

Contact / Kontakt

Questions: don’t hesitate to contact me:

Open Resources

Harvest your own posters in Berlin, you can find them everywhere in Berlin

or just contact me for more information:


Hi, great workshop. Let’s be in touch about materials you need.

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