WORKSHOP - More solutions for Circularity with Larvae biodegrading Plastic




Who we are

Hi there, this is Petja from Studio for Poetic Futures! Speculative and sustainable design is my thing. I also love biomimicry and business plans.


I have been working with and farming Mealworms for over two years now. They feed of Polystyrene and hence biodegrade this plastic. As a promising future food I have tried those larvae in different recipes, enhancing circular effects of plastic-biodegradation. It would be lovely if we think together how to design even more holistic systems including carbon-fecula, chitin, polystyrene as isolation material, mealworm as food.

In the workshop: We will learn about farming setups to farm mealworms with polystyrene, make a dish with the worms and learn about all the materials that can be used for circularity. After the intro we will design practical and fantastical systems for even more circularity and adaptations for our urban lifestyles.

Mealworm detail (38482700490)
By Judy Gallagher (Mealworm detail) CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Duration of the Workshop

lets take 3-4 hours, depending on your designs. We will use only found material.

Excited to do this!

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