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SOLUTION – Hack Your City Circular With 'The City Is Open Source' (3)
WORKSHOP: ... could we imagine public spaces as shared gardens of (3)
WORKSHOP: 360 + 5 / Use Google Street View to find out what to do with the Parking Places once the Cars are gone (6)
CHALLENGE: How to design the tendering for a circular construction project? (2)
Collaborative and circular Sabadell's maker spaces (3)
Disign thinking - Collaborative and circular Sabadell’s maker spaces (2)
Workshop Collaborative and circular Sabadell’s maker spaces (4)
[CHALLENGE] - CIRCULAR TOWNS - Circular Mapping at Reading Green Festival (6)
[ACTION - in development] Mapping circular organisations (MapJam) (1)
OPEN COLLECTION – The Circular City ( 2 3 ) (41)
Small in Berlin - a tiny house and mobile office from Tokyo (2)
WORKSHOP: Impulsbüro Berlin – Abteilung für Gamicipation (Spielewerkstatt) (1)
[Challenge] Cradle to Cradle and the Circular City *working title* (4)
CHALLENGE: How Might We Redesign The Public Space Around Our Street Trees Using The Principles Of Circularity (2)
[ACTION - under development] How to do a Maker Walk (1)
Challenge: Create a Game of a City Running on Circular Economy (2)
ACTION - Tinkerers Corner, Workspace Modification (1)
Organisation: Zero Waste Event (Berlin & World) (17)
Event Documentation - Open Labs: Circular Cities - DIF & OSCEdays 11/2016 (1)
[CHALLENGE] - CIRCULAR COMMUNITY SPACES - Making Open Guidance & Resources (2)
[CHALLENGE] Pathways to Circular: Making Trails from Reused Building Materials (1)
MENTOR SESSION – Circular Cities; learning from the pioneers - Emma Cherim (7)
[CHALLENGE] Waste Ownership in Shared Spaces (1)
[Challenge] Let's build a Shipping Container Home! (2)
[CHALLENGE] circular Mapping -Plaine de l'Ain (1)
[CHALLENGE] Map Jam: Mapping the urban commons (7)
CRCLR - Circular Lab Berlin Challenges (3)
Denver Challenge 1 - Identifying role players for the Denver Circular Economy (3)
CHALLENGE: Hack-the-Shack (1)
CHALLENGE: OPENC - Applying Industrial Symbiosis at the Community Scale (1)