Organisation: Zero Waste Event (Berlin & World)

Hi all

How about applying the Zero Waste Event guidelines to the OSCE Days in Berlin and ideally in all cities?


Festivals and conferences create an insane amount of waste. It’s important
ensure that during the 5 days we will actually make our best to reduce the amont of solid waste, and raise awarness on site.

Waste reduction can be applied to differents aspects of the organisation (material used during workshops, catering, communication …)
We can brainstorm together to identify for each aspects how can we reduce the amount of waste and the alternative that be implemented as substitute.

Here there are already some useful and easy to implement tipps:

  • Create a Zero Waste Event Guideline
    it can be published in severals languages on the OSCE days website, sent in the newsletters and sent as reminder with the participants confirmation

  • Food:
    Provide only reusable plates and cups
    Plan in advance the number of participant to manage food supply accordingly to minimise food left overs

  • Communication:
    Limit flyers, billboard, and encourage our partners to do so

  • Waste reclycing:
    Create userfriendly signages for waste sorting
    Find local partner for waste recovery
    Organise a material library during the event

  • Organisation on site / logistic
    Rental of furniture​ and technical equipment​
    Collect used badges from participants​
    Dry toilets

  • Repurposing
    Make sure to transform materials from the OSCE days into materials for future events.

  • Reporting
    Elaborate a waste reporting to track waste flow and measure the improvements
    (this can be part of the documentation work after the event)


Sorry for being very slow to reply to this - do you know if there are already existing resources which we can link to or adapt, so that local organizers can just ‘download the zero waste kit’ or something similar?

Have you been in touch with the Zero Waste France team already?
They might have somebody who is interested in working with you on this. I think it’s a really good idea and it would be a great pre-event challenge as well as (obviously) something to work on during the days themselves.

yes i ve contacted Flore, Leana and Pauline from Zero Waste France. We are planning a Skype or Hangout either on Friday or next week.
I ll post the final date for the call here if someone wants to join.
We will discuss about the guide , the potential partnership for waste recovery, communication and the creation of signages.

ill keep you uupdated :slight_smile:

First Talk with Léana (Zero Waste France) 12.02
Main outcomes:

  • Work together on the Events guide (templates to ready to fill for recyclying, sorting, main partners…)
  • Create a partnerbook (google doc or alternative) for each cities
  • Potential partnership with Zero Waste (TBC) ==> logo + communication via Newsletter
  • Create a OSCE days welcome guide and inform about the Zero Waste Approach
  • Plan a session to adapt the signage to the OSCE days visual identity @OTTILIE do you fancy doing togheter :slight_smile: ?
  • Contacts the local partners in Berlin for waste recovery, upcycling furniture …
  • Launch the challenge “ouikit”

Hi all,

one of the main topic for the Zero Waste Event organisation is communication for everyone to understand: why we do it and how we do it.
We need to adapt the waste sorting signages, and the "Zero Waste explanatory board "that we will have on site during the 5 days adapted to the OSCE days visual identity.
This will be shared to all host cities so we all can use the same tool.
Shall we meet one afternoon and prepare it? How about Saturday 12th or Saturday 19 March?
@OTTILIE when would be available ?
Anyone else wants to join?

I’ve got a few resources which are all Western Canada based (since that’s what I know best), but could be a start. There are lots of zero waste event guides out there. Localized guide examples:
Sunshine Coast Regional District

General guide:
Seventh Generation


sitting here with Justine right now. We are brainstorming how to tackle it.

(1) We need a tutorial/guide - How to run an OSCEdays Event as Zero Waste Event

(2) We will spread it in the newsletter

(3) and maybe also a Blogpost. (problably!) certainly :slight_smile:

##Structure for The Guide/Tutorial
What should be in there.

  • announce a local zero waste referent/person or AMBASSEDOR
  • Downloadable and editable document for reporting of the waste collection & recycling
  • Some bullet points on how to run the Zero Waste Event
  • A short description of the reason. Why - Raise awareness of peoples behaviour and local regulation.
  • Why - what are we going to do with it in the OSCEdays.
  • “Please let us know if you are having this at your local event and who is in charge please post a comment. And post questions.”
  • Add a question about “Zero Waste Event” to the general global reporting.

@lars quick question with which format can I create the Waste Reporting table? Excel ? Google Doc ? is there any other option?

Hier is the first draft of the Zero waste Tutorial which is a summary of the excellent Seventh Generation (Thank you ! @belindali)
What needs to be added:

  • Better description of ambassador role
  • A first infogarphic page describing the Zero Waste Event Approach
  • The reporting doc to assess the waste divertion rate
  • Chek list
  • Example of educational signs for zero waste awareness

Zero Waste Event Tutorial.doc (223 KB)

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I like downloadable things - .doc is good. or .odt - But with .doc you can be sure, it can be opened and edited by almost everyone, because Libre Office and MSWord can handle it.

Dear @Justine I am trying to create a timetable for the whole event. Can you tell me what day and time you’d like to do your challenge?

Hi @friederike
I think directly on the first day for the oppening on Thrusday morning. I guess I need just 15 min to explain the all approach.
What do you think?

@Justine Yes thats great. i think it would be better to do it Friday morning though, is that okay? Thursday the opening ceremony starts in the afternoon.

Ok for Friday morning :slight_smile:

Hi @Justine - finally took a look at the doc. Great work!

I think in order to be able to announce it to the global community we should have a topic for it in the forum?

Could you create a new Topic called: OSCEdays Zero Waste Event Tutorial - And copy the text you already created into it? I can help a bit with the editing and formating. Soon as it is done we can put the word out.

Hi @Justine - great! thanks for publishing.

HERE IT IS (I moved it to the “Event Organization” category)

@Silvia and I edited the topic a bit.

Two more questions:

  1. At some points it asks about a “checklist” - I don’t know what the checklist is - it is the tutorial, right?

  2. Reporting: Will there be a template document we can provide to fill out for the documentation/reporting? Or is everyone doing it their own way?


We will organise a Zero Waste City Tour on Saturday 4 March 2017.

Happy to get to know other people passionate with the zero waste lifestyle!