CRCLR - Circular Lab Berlin Challenges

Hi, we are @simon & @alice_audrey from the Agora Collective Team. We’re working on the concept of a space which hosts a circular lab - a 2000m2 space for experiments, startups, community-sessions, inventing and showcasing circular economy in the center of Berlin, that will also be the home of the Open Source Circular Economy Days community here in Berlin.

Right now the sight is almost a ruin. A lot of work is to do. But we are up for it.

The Challenges
We will share some of the problems we face and the solutions we find on our way to transform the building into a circular designed showcase and an open room for experiments. And we appreciate your feedbacks and thoughts on it.

A lot of the Challenges will be construction-related. We are going to renovate the building and even build entire new structures. How can these tasks be solved in an innovative, zero-waste and circular way? And how can we use open source ideas and methodologies to make progress - thinking about aspects like insulation, modular rooms etc. Concrete Challenges will be:

  • Energy infrastructure: „How could a circular energy system look like? Which smart energy innovations would you suggest?“ (electricity, water, heating, …)

  • Waste Management: „How can we use the material streams of the Lab - and those of the neighborhood and the circular apartments on the rooftop - and turn them into resource streams?(black/grey water, organic waste, plastics, paper, etc.) Could we set up local circular systems?"

  • Furniture: How can equip the whole space with circular furniture. What solutions are out there?

Some other Challenges will be more social challenges such as

  • Inclusion: „How can we reach and integrate our neighborhood into a circular open source system?“ „How can the community support and incubate innovate circular business models? Which frameworks are needed?"

Stay tuned to our upcoming concrete challenges and get in touch with ideas.


Initial usage: “We will do a first winter-romance-subotnik-style cleaning-campaign from the 12-15th december 2015 in the lab, where we need many helpers who support us in getting the space ready for the first usages. There will be free food for all helpers:) More details will follow soon here.”

BTW. you can also follow our circular economy association Facebook page here.


Here is a first workshop this Saturday at agora where we plan to build furniture based on old blackboards:

Here is the Initial usage campaign from 12th to 16th December:
would be great to see you there

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Will be super interesting to learn from your experiences, principles you’re using in more - will be nice to connect with the London Friday event - Circular Community Space- Making Open Guidance & Resources