[CHALLENGE] Pathways to Circular: Making Trails from Reused Building Materials

The challenge is to reimagine the creation and maintenance of outdoor trails using recovered dimensional lumber as a primary source of construction material. This is an amazing opportunity to increase public access to nature, raise awareness on the need to steward the natural environment and provide a creative framework using closed-loop resources.

This session we will explore the viability, execution as well as ideate on potential sites. This challenge needs help with ideation and design.

This challenge started as:
Exploring ways to use old lumber for trail building

Describe the evolution of your group’s thought process, what you did during the day:
The space at the hackathon wasn’t really the right space to work on this challenge since we needed to be outdoors and with the people who build and use these trails

The practical outcome of this challenge is:
Following up with the mountain biking association and exploring the idea of an outdoor workshop to prototype and test different types of wood that can be used for trail building

The Future: What elements did you decide to: pursue, pivot, purge, pause?