Challenge: Create a Game of a City Running on Circular Economy

Wer sind wir / Who are we

The Pukika Experiment is a project to build from scratch a self-sufficient city for 3 million people. Self-sufficiency means you need to produce EVERYTHING from your own ecosystem. Building it from scratch means you can actually think outside the box and really make an impact on our consumerist lifestyle. In this sense, Pukika would run entirely on circular of sharing economy. It also has a monetary system that curbs inequality and makes sure that we protect the ecosystem.

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Kurzbeschreibung / Short Description

The challenge for the OSCE Days is to develop a board game that would allow people to understand how resources are used in a city operating under circular economy principles. The game deals mainly with agriculture, manufacturing, mobility, services and real estate, but it underpins all other areas of modern cities, such as energy, education, sports and infrastructure.

I would like to make a presentation explaining why self-sufficient cities might hold the key to a truly sustainable future—as opposed to sustainable or green cities, which are just outsourcing pollution to poor countries—and how circular and sharing economy are the paradigms that enable that level of efficiency. The presentation runs for 30-40 minutes followed by Q&A. Additionally, I could have several shorter presentations that focus on one aspect of self-sufficiency and that are linked to the outcome of the challenge.

In order to further Pukika, I’ve recently began working on a project called “Inception,” a virtual reality game/platform where users build and manage a self-sufficient city. The outcome of the challenge at the OSCE Days would be very helpful in identifying the key relationships in a full circular economy.

Ressourcen / Resources

Short video on Multidimensional Monetary Systems:


@juan That is great!

We put you in the program with a talk and a challenge. Do you have a preferred date for your talk and challenge? Or should we fit you in? How long do you plan to run the challenge - everything between 2 hours and several days is an option.

Maybe of inspiration for you. There have been board game challenges in the global OSCEdays before.

(1) ‘Monopoly Hacking in HELSINKI 2015’
(2) On Circular Economy in CHENNAI 2015
(3) And a card game in OSCEdays PARIS 2016 (direct link)

But nothing on ‘self-sufficient city for 3 million people’ so far :astonished: