[Challenge] Let's build a Shipping Container Home!

Here’s the deal: housing is in short supply, the construction industry is wasteful, and shipping containers are plentiful.

A used shipping container provides sturdy framing suitable for creative, affordable, and comfortable place to call home.

Imagine obtaining a shipping container that has reached the end of its useful life on the transporting goods across the ocean (single-trip containers are a common occurrence). Now consider the ease of constructing tiny-home interiors and exterior shell to provide the simplest and most practical roof over our heads.

The units can be pre-fabricated in a warehouse to minimize on-site construction waste, optimize the use of materials-tools-manpower, and energy-efficiency strategies can reduce the need for fossil fuel energy to heat and cool the space.

We need your help for:

Construction basics: This isn’t a new idea, but there are a lot of experts out there, yet there isn’t a single point of that we need to bring together to collaborate:

  1. Do you have experience with Shipping Container construction?
  2. Please post pictures, case studies, energy studies, tenant feedback, expenses, challenges, etc)
  3. Can we design something that is modular (assembled in pieces on site), scalable (home can grow as the family grows), easily moved (home can be easily transported)?

Building Envelope: The key to a sustainable design is a definitive thermal boundary and wind/rain tight layer. We would love your ideas for materials that are (recycled, natural, innovative):

  1. Insulation: strawbale insulation?
  2. Siding or Wind/Rain membrane: recycled plastic bottles turned into plastic sheets?
  3. Roofing:
  4. Windows & Doors: natural lighting, double walls like an Earthship?

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC): What are the available technologies that are small and provide the benefits of energy efficiency?
Heating System: sunlight harvesting
Cooling System: natural ventilation
Temperature Distribution: use the conductivity of the container to deliver heat & cool??
Hot Water Heating:

Plumbing and appliances:

  1. Hot Water Heater: instantaneous shower and sink hot water?
  2. Toilet: composting?
  3. Cooking: safe, low energy, non-fuel-burning cooking option?
  4. Electricity generation: Solar collector/harvester?

Interior furnishings:

  1. Floorplan & Layout
  2. Furnishing (couch, beds, tables, counters, shower, etc)

What else does our home need!?!?! Please feel free to contribute design ideas, existing precedents, and feedback on our challenge.

Pad: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/Denver_Challenge_4

Cloud: https://cloud.oscedays.org/index.php/s/c4MrxzizJjFj31Y

Happy Open Sourcing!!!
Dan, Team OSCE Denver


Super cool, thank you Denver team.