[CHALLENGE] Map Jam: Mapping the urban commons

What parts of the public space are already used as commons? What could be turned into a commons? Could we use urban commons for a circular economy?

Those are the questions that will drive a map jam built around a bike and mapping stroll accross the streets of Kreuzberg and Neuköln on Saturday 13.06.2015, starting 11AM at Thinkfarm Berlin (registration and details here.

This event is a contribution to the Open Source Circular Economy Days that gather people who apply the open source methodology to build a circular economy. Our take is to start looking at the urban space and its untapped resources. By using maps, we propose participants to locate activities that already contribute to circular economic flows and opportunities to tap into underused urban space. The open source methodology encourages us to see how people, beyond state and market, can self-organize to develop, curate, maintain shared resources as commons.

The map jam will unfold in three steps:

  • 11-12AM: Input on open source circular economy and the power of mapping the urban commons
  • 12-3PM: Free bicycle stroll (BRING YOUR OWN BIKE!) in the streets of Berlin to uncover existing resources and potential urban commons for an open source circular economy
  • 2.30-4PM: Participants gather in Agora to share the results of their urban hunt and try to aggregate them on an online map using TransforMap’s taxonomy proposal and the Umap tool. They then discuss the implications and problems that are raised by such mapping.
    This map jam and tour is organized by Thinkfarm’s transition»lab as a contribution to the Open Source Circular Economy Days Berlin and the MAKE CITY festival 2015.

This event is supported by the TransforMap community and its Mapping Month May.

If you would like to attend, please register online.
PAD: To allow participants to document this challenge in real-time, a collaborative Etherpad document has been set up here:
FOLDER: To store and share documents, photos and other files relating to this challenge, please upload them to this challenge’s cloud folder:


See how we got here at

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PAD: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/berlin_map-jam
FOLDER: http://is.gd/mapjam

Some further hints about what happened can be found at

Really interesting, is there some way we could meet so that I get to know more on the tools and methodologies you used,

My Name is Antoine and I participated to the OSCE days in France. I work on a daily basis on Circular economy and Open source with Future Of Waste which is a programme to help social innovators working with waste issues.

I’ll be in Berlin to organize a Sensecamp from the 21st till the 28th of July. COuld we meet ?



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Dear @Tinou_de_Manioc,

it’s good that you write.
Next week we’re invited by Wikimedia to meet for another session about Mapping the Commons.
Just come over and we have a chat about our tools and methods.


Due to your topics I suppose you also worked with @unteem before?

Greetings from the lovely river Spree,


Great to find this topic at we’re looking at similar in the London/ Reading event this year - Circular Town - Open Mapping - how did you find TransforMap? Recommend?