CHALLENGE: Hack-the-Shack

This challenge calls all Shack-tivists to collaborate to find circular solutions for the slum, shantytown and shack dwelling problem of the planet. We will be applying systems thinking to analyze why so many of the solutions fail to scale and try to get to the root cause. Circular systems will definitely have to be a part of the solution.

At the event, we will produce images of shack communities at various scale and zoom in and out to find the flows at the various scales. In the Cape Town context, the Apartheid era spatial separation of people based on race continues to play a dominant role in systemic marginalization. In general, the unique challenges of South African’s Apartheid regime has left a country spatially divided. System level circular thinking is required to find system level solutions to this problem. Good references to read to prepare for this Open Jam are:

and here

We are especially calling upon cities with large slums so that we can share stories and collaborate at the system level. This is an ongoing project that will continue throughout the year.

OSCEDays Joburg will Hack-the-Shack on June 10 and 11
OSCEDays Cape Town will Hack-the-Shack on June 11 afternoon

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