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Deeposits - underwater collection and returning of refundable bottles and more (1)
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BOOTH & WORKSHOP: How to build a wall out of paper / Bau eines Wandmoduls aus Papier (2)
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Old Wood Reuse? – WoodWood Challenge (10)
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[CHALLENGE] Can you generate no waste today? (1)
Schön Wie Wir Aktion: Blumensamen-Grußkarten (1)
MAGIC – Rollberg Fundstücke Neu-Gedacht - Ein resourcenarchäologisches Stadtspiel (1)
ASSEMBLY – Soap Lab: Making Soap out of used cooking oil (2)
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Do You Know Kintsugi? - A Japanese Art Of Repairing (2)
[CHALLENGE] A De-Construction Hub (1)
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[CHALLENGE] Rediseño de un Palet de Madera (1)
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