[CHALLENGE] DYCLE Diapers: Strategies for circular composting cases and communities

##Wer sind wir / Who are we

The Dycle Team.

DYCLE is working on a circular system to turn soiled diapers and green waste into fertile soil substrate in order to plant fruit trees later. At the end of the summer we are going out into the communities in Berlin, where we want to set up community points for meeting and exchanging materials.

##Kurzbeschreibung / Short Description

The collection of diapers should happen in local neighbourhoods. In our approach we are looking for ways to bring different actors and groups together. For example, our activities of the parents could be combined with urban gardening and other collectively organized initiatives.


In order to include different groups, it would be nice to have an exchange point where people can store and retrieve different materials. If DYCLE does not use it anymore it should be fit to use for other purposes. Often people re-use found objects. That is good. But how would we build a sharing box from scratch?

In our workshop we will work on a design that will be suitable for different use cases, such as book and tool library, clothes exchange, etc. Can we integrate different use cases in one design?


  • Easy to build, preferably from used parts

  • Easy to transport and to set up

  • Waterproof

  • Access control (simple & effective)

  • Several compartments for different uses

  • Ways to leave information for others

A modular design would allow for different sizes. Community points can be extended if needed.

If the community points can be used for more than one purpose there is a good chance that different kind of people meet, thus spreading concepts and offers to a bigger audience.

Draft time plan of the workshop:

  1. Presentation of DYCLE (20 min)

  2. Ideas for use cases and collection of requirements (45 min) + presentation (15min)

  • break -
  1. Designing and building models (45 min) + presentation (15 min)

  2. Discussion of how to engage local communities in activities around the cases (20 min).

##Wann / When

Sunday afternoon, July 2nd.

##Ressourcen / Resources

We will use paper and cardboard to design, and materials found in the area. We are aiming to build some scale models for presentation.

We are looking so much forward to seeing you there!


the Dycle team