Old Wood Reuse? – WoodWood Challenge

What to do with old wood from construction sides etc. - how to reuse it?

Challenge @OSCEdays Berlin 2016


BSR, the Berlin waste management company, receives more than 50.000t of old wood p.a., mostly low quality MDF material. How can we reuse this material on a scalable level? What kind of business models/product innovations/prototypes can we implement?

Date: Sunday, 12.06.2016

Time: 10:30 - 15:00

Moderator: @Janina

Links: BSR: www.bsr.de, MDF material: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medium-density_fibreboard

Join this challenge and post your upfront questions, experiences and ideas here.

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We also saw such a heap at Veolia last year, we should get back to them and invite someone.

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thanks maike, i will do that, @Sylke

admin note: I transferred the topic from the “Berlin” category to the “Reuse, Repair, Recycle” category where all challenges and questions are. Let me know, if this is not in your interest.

Additional research as preparation attached, about wood using in cascade chains:

kaskade holznutzung müll und abfall 03 20162016-04-27-132222.pdf (3.9 MB)


Hey Simon, do you have the contacts of the institution mentioned above? Are you already in contact with them?

Seen in Prinzessinnengärten Berlin - I assume it is not just for decoration but real protection.


The best beds ever. Can be made out of forklift plate parts. The best selling model for students and other ppl on a budget in Tel Aviv. When will they become reality in Berlin too?

Bed from waste wood

moin lars,

hab beim aufbau mitwirken können. Org: wiederwild.org.

Das Experiment geht davon aus, weltweit Baumärkte nutzen zu können und die +/- gleichen Standardprodukte verfügbar sind. Die Grundstruktur kommen aus den Standardmaßen der verfügbaren Elemente, möglichst ohne viel Verschnitt. Über jeden Baumarkt sind diese Standardprodukte abrufbar, hier war alles von Holz Possling.

Als Fassade kommt alles in Betracht, Holz muss einfach nur ‘hinterlüftet’ befestigt werden. Da konnten wir gut Altholz-Reste verbauen. Schau dir auch mal das Dach an - sehr gut!

Hätte mich gefreut, wenn das Experiment weitergegangen wäre.
Das war aber leider nicht die Intention der Organisatoren.

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forklift plate furniture has arrived in Berlin some years ago, only there is a downside: the EU-standard palettes are infused with fungicides that you don’t want to keep indoors. Better use single-use ones, only they are not uniform in size, so it’s harder to create furniture from them.