[Challenge] Sustainability and Waste Reuse - Waste as a valuable asset

In L.A. we will be working on creating solutions for sustainability around:

“How can wastes – agriculture, food, electronic, etc. – become a valuable asset in a new way? How can we expand on current waste reuse?”

Local Case Study to review: Agromin

6/11/16 2:26pm Pacfic - Focusing on Food Waste

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Hi BrandonHighland,

That is in interesting topic. And first of all, there is no single solution applicable to all wastes. I guess there are a few priciples that should be considered. Obviously the separation of different material streams. and to try to keep these materials streams as pure as possible.
The other main principle is to avoid that a material stream becomes waste. Waste is without any positive value and without a purpose / application. So in fact a material stream (after an end-of-life (and the end of a use cycle) should have some value and a distinct purpose.
It is often mre effective to tackle this from the demand / purpose side instead of from the waste side. Maybe even in a case study close to home. Find out that kind a raw materials a manufacturer / producers needs, and look for a soucre that can supply that material. Ideally that source is a end of life material flow.

Materials should be ‘temporarily stored’ in products, before they move on to another cycle. Either is a simular product (closed loop material cycle) or in a completely different application (in the Cradle to Cradle philosophy).


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