Food Solutions – OSCEdays Berlin 2018 (1)
FOOD-BOOTH: Eat, drink and reduce food waste with the RETT-O-MAT (1)
[WORKSHOP] Integral Mycology (5)
[CHALLENGE] La Finca Humana – How to plant and spread sustainable societies (1)
Modular Urban Food Garden Experimentation Framework Development (13)
[Challenge] "Real time" related to Food Waste + Software (5)
[CHALLENGE] Closed-Loop Farming (2)
THE URBAN FOOD GARDNER (A Startup) – Agent & Institution For The Sustainable, Circular City (1)
CHALLENGE: Skinfood - let's make edible cosmetics (6)
[CHALLENGE] Food Waste in Insect Farming (2)
[CHALLENGE] Mesh Exchange (5)
[CHALLENGE] Heilu: Marketing sustainable protein from insects for human consumption (1)
Reto - Recetario local abierto / Open Local recipe book (5)
Food Challenges OSCEdays 2016 ( 2 ) (28)
Challenge/Workshop Urban Mycology (4)
[CHALLENGE] Marketing insect protein to help people see the nutritional and environmental benefits of insects as a sustainable food source (2)
[IDEAS] - FOOD FOREST - an open source platform for building and preserving forest and healthy food for all (3)
[CHALLENGE] Make New Food System for All - How to enable the Community of Organic food and Permaculture research? (4)
Challenge Aquaponics (6)
Mushroom Growing Fridge (3)
About the Food category (2)
Reto - Aprovechar los excedentes de alimentos para generar valor / Harnessing food surpluses to generate value (1)
Reto: Construyamos sistemas de empaques sostenibles (1)
Tejiendo historias y recetas en el barrio de Belén (1)
Reto: Redefiniendo el consumo responsable y sostenible / Redefining consumption in responsible and sustainable way (8)
[CHALLENGE] CONTAINS GLUTEN: an edible upcycling workshop (2)