[CHALLENGE] La Finca Humana – How to plant and spread sustainable societies

##Wer sind wir / Who are we

ReFashionReFood rethinks fashion and food through art and educational events, to spread awareness, share skills, empower communities and put solutions in motion for a transition into sustainable societies. Our flagship event is the annual ReThink Festival in Prinzessinnengärten, Berlin.

This year’s ReThink Festival takes place on July 1. The themes are coffee and education, with the participation of children from all over Berlin and Hondurian Coffee Cooperative COMSA. 12 people from COMSA will be present in Berlin and we will join OSCE Days on July 2.


##Kurzbeschreibung / Short Description

COMSA is an organic, biodynamic, circular, self-sustainable and Fairtrade coffee cooperative with 1400 members of small-scale farmers. They cultivate not only the soil and the plants, but also the human mind. Exploring and practicing Emilio Sanchez peaceful philosophy ”La Finca Humana” (The Human Farm) they aim to plant a new society in Honduras. Since September 2016 they run their own bilingual school, applying progressive methods such as Glenn Doman’s flash cards and Waldorff pedagogy, and values such as collaboration, equality and solidarity.

COMSA runs an impressive, independent, unconventional, collaborative and circular operation, from coffee plant to harvest to roasting, and has founded their own credit institute. To control prices they only export directly and have specialized in high-quality micro-lots. In a higly corrupt, ultra poor and violent system, they are performing well and are growing in strength. Farmers and educators from all over Honduras and Central America come to COMSA to learn and implement their ideas and methods.

The philosophy “La Finca Humana” is a powerful tool to engage civil society, achive political influence and social and economic justice. Farmers, and urban communities can learn a lot from COMSAs experiences, methods and philosophy.

How can “La Finca Humana” be spread using open source, so that the philosophy and methods can be applied globally?

##Ressourcen / Resources


Trailer to documetary - La Finca Humana