Reto - Recetario local abierto / Open Local recipe book

Invitamos a todas las ciudades a que se unan al reto de creación de un recetario con identidad local.

La identidad cultural puede ser demostrada desde muchos ámbitos, y uno de los mas importantes es la identidad culinaria. nada nos hace mas únicos o mas parecidos entre nosotros que la alimentación, por lo cual se propone un recetario o espacio donde podamos intercambiar esas recetas que nos identifican como parte de una región.

We invite all cities to join the challenge of creating a cookbook with local identity.

Cultural identity can be proven from many areas, and one of the most important is the culinary identity. Nothing makes us unique or more similar between us than food, for which a recipe book or space where we can exchange those recipes that identify us as part of a region is proposed.

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the idea of this chalenge is the creation in original lenguage (and posible traslation to english) of recipes, product description, culinary culture and all thinks than identify some region of the world.

We want create a graphic book, give to the people a few parameter but leave the freedom to be creative.

some examples for a beautifull book from Katie Shellie - the picture cook

This is a very nice example of open source - the sharing and local adaptation of recipes is what makes culinary culture so interesting.
However, so far there is not much in this challenge (yet) from a circular economy perspective.

Let’s try to work out how to add that element in, so that it fits within the framework and goals of the OSCEdays.

For example, you could try to find recipes and processes which use ingredients that are commonly wasted or overlooked.

Or you could try to ‘align’ different cooking processes in the way in which we want to align industrial and other production processes. So, for example, a roast chicken recipe might be linked to a soup recipe, where the leftover bones from the chicken are used to make the stock for the soup. See for example @Denis’ challenge from Berlin, showing the resource relationship between beer and bread:

It would be great to have a recipe book which is not only about the cooking, but also helps the reader think about the whole food system. You can show how people can start to build mini-circular-economies within their own kitchens, gardens or window sills. You could show how to effectively compost food scraps, or farm worms and [insects][1] fed with kitchen waste.

Through recipes and tutorials, you could highlight particular local ingredients, herbs etc which are well-suited to growing at home.

Does anybody else have suggestions for how to add a circular flavour to this challenge?

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great ideas!, we want now create this document like a systemic game than we use in our business. The activity was restructurated to create a document than interconect the diferent producers, recipes and knowledge in a document than promote and show all the chain from the soil to the mouth.


This is a good challenge that needs reviving. The amount of embodied energy in food is huge and we eat regularly. At least I do. To think more about our diet can make a great impact on our personal carbon footprint.

In London, I manage a fresh produce distribution social enterprise, East London Food Access and we have produced a number of cookbooks. I really like the idea of a cookbook that helps the reader think about the whole food system. As a permaculture designer I like to show people how to start to build mini-circular-economies within their own kitchens and window sills.

I’d like to collaborate further on this challenge, especially with folk in London, and would be interested in meeting up in Berlin.

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