Mushroom Growing Fridge

Hello All!
I am from Helsieni a small urban mushroom farm based in Helsinki. At the OSCEdays we will build an open-source mushroom growing fridge and we want to also open source the design process. We alsready have two working prototypes but no good documentation (except pictures). What & where would this best be located in the OSCE platform?

Hi, that sounds great!

I think the best place is right here. A topic in the food category. You can edit the one you already created or create a new one. And update it as you go. You can invite people to subscribe to your topic. So they’ll receive updates, when you or someone else posts a new comment.

This is a good start :-). But it in the long run for a great project we would encourage you to set up an own webpage. But as long as you haven’t (and for as long as you like) you are invited to use this forum.

Thanks Lars! We made a new page on our company website. It has some pictures so people can get the idea. Over time we will be adding more files/pictures & instructions to it. Until we have a better way, people who want to contribute can post on this thread and add suggestions or designs of their own. Here is the link:

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