Challenge Aquaponics

As part of the OSCEdays 2016 Berlin we will present and discuss food production and consumption that contributes to a Circular Economy.

How can we use resources more efficiently? How can we use and connect new technologies that contribute to sustainability? How can we bring food production, without compromising a valuable qualitative produce, where most of its consumption is: the urban environment?

These and more questions will be answered during the OSCEdays in hands-on workshops that are designed as problem solving and solution driven challenges.

Learn in a two days workshop how to close the cycle in food production with aquaponics! Lasse Carlsen from Bioark, Copenhagen will lead the challenge and share his knowledge on sustainable food productions, urban farming and community farming.

Saturday 11th+ Sunday 12th

@OSCEdays Berlin 2016

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Might be of interest

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Cute cartoony websites and aquaponics seem to go together like… err… plants and fish? @Lars2i, do you know if the Plants & Machines guys will be in Berlin?

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Nope, but I’ll send them this conversation here on FB :slight_smile:

Hey. One of us plants & machines guys will be definitely taking part at the challenge. Looking forward to meet you. Best, Nico

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Nice! looking forward too!