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I have been startup in recycling education for nearly 2 years in Vietnam. My project name is Jizo Guardians which is only 2 full-time co-founders spending their time to study and making toys, teaching ads from waste.

On recycling the waste, we are facing the big issues in Vietnam: food waste.

Food waste is a bad source of pollution but it can be a great source of compost for organic farming. On the way studying food waste, we learned the way to recycle food waste sustainably. We fail in love with Organic farming that is nature friendly and non - toxic, non-gmo harming to health and habitats. Or it’s just our thought…
Organic farming can be a great way of eating healthy but it may not a great way of social fare. In fact, Organic business is being taken for the rich to use and the poor can not afford to buy the best food for their families.

Organic food used to be food for all for a very long time . Why it is considered the luxury merchandies now?

Then I start my journey to find the Organic entrepreneurs who feel like me, who want to bring a sustainable food system that everyone loves organic, also loves planting trees and sharing fruits together!

Therefore, I start my journey Organic Hunting tour firstly in Dalat, then in Hanoi, Vietnam for that issues. I visit organic farms, meetup with socents, I’m happy to get motivated.

However I see most organic farms are growing common vegetables like tomatoes, salad veggies while lots of herbs and wild edible plants can be found in Dalat’s roads, forests, on rooftop which seems noone take notice.

People seems pay much money to buy organic tomatoes but forget their beautiful dandelions at the front door are ready to serve amazing salad. Or I came across the White Truffles and pine mushroom in an abandonned forest in Dalat which soon will be cut off.

We know little about Plants and very little about edible wild plants. I think the poor in the cities where still have forest and find food somewhere there but the poor in big polluted cities, there is no chance for them to live safe and sound.

In order to support Organic farming to be better reach to the poor, to be more sustainable and regenerative system, TOGETHER we can do FOOD FOREST for the poor where everybody can learn organic gardening, preserve biological food system, preserve forest and mostly, sharing the fruits.

there is no need to do Food Forest in such a large area. Let’s think about a 100 to 300 m2 space that can be designed into permaculture system that provide food, water, moisture, fresh air, and green space for a block of citizen everywhere in a city, in a country, espcially in slumdog area.

Children can learn trees. People can have food and sharing. It’s happiness in gardening.

What do you think about this idea?

pls feedback and take action on prototype What a Food Forest for the Poor can be?


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Im looking for partners, team mates to do it too.