[CHALLENGE] Make New Food System for All - How to enable the Community of Organic food and Permaculture research?

What are your ingredients for food system for all?

What is #Sustainable food system for all - A system is defined as " a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole"?

How can we possibly expect to survive if we don’t design what we’re doing to be bearable!

We design it (food production system) to be disaster and of course we get disaster. We wanted wealth but it will be never enough to feel " want some more". However, wealth is the deep understanding of the natural world. A sustainable system should be a system of #HumanCare sharing with #NatureCare and #FairSharing, so that to be #Regenerative.

How to set up a powerful crowdsourcing community organizations for Organic business? Open Organic

##OpenOrganic will become community and FairSharing platform of building an army of Permaculture feild workers to go out and teach the ideas of sustainable food production.
Therefore, together, we can make the answer of " What is our ingredients for a food system for all"


Money wealth can never motivate people to support a community organisation in a positive way, needs to be a true community connection away from money, people will support and become involved in something that they feel will be of importance to the world, to their lives, to the environment and that they will have a say in how things work, but they need to see action, not just words

Simply I think a food system for all is education, taking action to practice what is learned in anyway possible, and sharing and collaboration


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In order to promote for the challenge, #OpenOrganic will take part in a global event powered by Make Sense- Food Security Tribe on June 18th
World Hunger Day #Vietnam: Make Sense for #ZeroHunger
Until June 16th, i have been going on Organic Hunting Tour for finding organic entrepreneurs who is energetic fighting for a future of sustainable food system, permaculture community.
Stay turn and get in touch with team Vietnam :wink: