[Challenge] "Real time" related to Food Waste + Software

Focusing on food waste and where tech (such as an app connects)

Hey @brandonhighland Rio de Janeiro worked on a similar challenge @Bialuz might be interested to share experiences. :slight_smile:

Hi @sharmarval and @brandonhighland, we had some interesting discussions in Rio specially involving the logistics of coconuts. We also discussed the construction of an app to be used to encourage more people to recycle. Any synergies? I shall update our page with more detail on the challenges very shortly.
regards, Beatriz

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It seems there are already a number of apps in this arena. For example from the UK there is the Love Food Hate Waste app. But interestingly to me, and local to me, is this new food app
OLIO which connects neighbours with each other and with local shops and cafes so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.

More akin to the circular economy imho. What do you think? Why not give drop them a line?

an article with a list of some apps for food sharing