OSCEdays BoST – To Do List


This is the public To-Do-List of the OSCEdays Board Of Stewardship

@BoST please sign up to one (or more) jobs by adding your name behind it. (But also as a community member you can do some of these jobs. We are happy if you do.)

Some if not most of this jobs should be run with a Management Topic where you describe what the job is, how it is done and where to find all the necessary info to do it. This is also the topic the person that is doing the job after you will look at first to learn how the job is done. So make sure everything is well documented. :wink:

##Roles & Responsibilities:


###BoST Call Management
Set up the calls and topic for it. Invite to the calls. Set a basic agenda for it. Make sure there is a documenter and moderator for each call. Welcome new people to the calls. | Done by: @Silvia Management Topic | backup @seigorobinson

###Overview: ReadMe & To-Do-List
Make sure the Global ReadMe, About Page and this To-Do-List are in order and reflect the current state of OSCEdays | Done by: @Lars2i @Gien

#Community Facilitation

Take care of incoming events, create their categories and support them to understand the forum and structure. | Done by: @Lars2i @Gien @RicardoRug


###Communications Head
Make sure the blue communication category on the forum (global communication) and Communication ReadMe is in order and different communication jobs play well together and are well documented. | Done by: (@Lars2i) | Management Topic (ask Sharon)

###Facebook Group Manager
Maintaining the Facebook Goup, add new members, delete spam, post news etc. | Done by: @seigorobinson | Management Topic | backup @Lars2i (@nicustasia)

###OSCEdays Twitter
Send tweets, post news, react to @replys, retweet some #OSCEdays tweets, follow people etc.| Done by: @RicardoRug @Lars2i @sharmarval | Management Topic

Compose Newsletters and send them out. | Done by: (for each newsletter a new person. Minimum: One of the year. And else when needed.) | Mangement Topic/Tech Info

###Linked In Group
Post news into the Linked-In group, moderate requests and so on. | Done by: @Silvia | no backup needed

###Google Group
Post News in the google plus group, moderate requests and so on. | Done by: @Silvia | no backup needed

Write and post Blogposts – or try to motivate people to do it – inside and outside of BoST. Moderate incoming Blogposts. | Done by: we decide flexible in the the BoST call. / And let’s close the blog functionality on the website.


Spot funding possibilities like grants, prizes, fellowships and report them as opportunities to BoST & community. When there is something that looks promising try to build a group interested in creating a proposal. | Done by: @Qing | backup @Lars2i

###Partners For Funding
Try to build relationships to other organizations like foundations or companies that could amongst other things help to fund OSCEdays activities. | Done by: @Silvia @Frans @Qing

###Project Partners
Try to find partner organisations like NGOs, universities, companies and so on for shared projects and synergies. Invite them to run an event for example. Make them aware of the opportunities OSCEdays offers. Grow the network. | Done by: @nicustasia @Qing @RicardoRug


###Tech Infrastructure Overview
Keep an overview about the whole IT infrastructure. Make sure people working on the different parts of it collaborate. And make sure everything is paid for. | @Lars2i @Nikusha (@cameralibre) | Management Topic

Update the discourse (forum), make sure it runs and is paid for. Make sure there is a publicly downloadable backup version of it. | Done by: @Lars2i @Nikusha (@cameralibre)

Make sure the website runs and there is a backup and everyone who needs access has access and people who should not have access anymore have not (every user account is an extra risk for security). | Done by: @Lars2i @Gien | Management Topic

Manage & maintain the OwnCloud. | Done by: (@cameralibre ) | ON HOLD

Manage & maintain the OSCEdays Pad. | Done by: (@cameralibre) | ON HOLD

List of more speicifc tasks to transition from and solve with Lars:

  1. Administrator training for main website and forum
  2. How to add new city - DONE
  3. How to manage e-mail lists (e.g. BoST)
  4. How to deal with spam and trolls
  5. How to back-up the main website and the forum
  6. List of contacts for website and forum hosting and payment
  7. New administrator passwords, if needed after the recent forum upgrade
  8. Other?

CHAT _ For Quick BoST & OSCEdays Association Questions
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'ACTIONS' Management Team – Help & Moderation for the Use & Development of ACTION Protocols
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[BoST Call February 19, 7 pm GMT] - 2018 - PLAN Call #2
[BoST Call Feb 6 11 am GMT] - 2017 - General Call #9

@Lars2i: please make this a wiki

until end of November I will help develop the ACTION Protocol idea by testing it in the Berlin event. I’ll be happy to communicate on press requests and take part in the documentation.

After the DIF I can help with the blog

I’m always aproachable for language questions (e.g. how to edit a text to make it more accessible, translations German-English, correcting important texts for the website) as long as I find the time


The post is editable. @BoST, please add your name for the role/roles you would like to have.


Hi @Silvia and everyone, I have a dumb question…how do you edit the post? I would like to take on the role of project partners.

Hi @Lars, what’s involved in maintaining the owncloud and pad? Can you also describe the blog job a bit more? How many blogs updates do you expect per week or month?..Just when a participant has an interesting project and when there’s some news the group wants to report?


Hi Gien, not a dumb question, it’s just not very clear. Click on the … (show all) at the bottom of the post, edit this post will show up among all options.


Hi Gien,

–> The topic is a wiki now (it was not before - my mistake)

###Maintaining the OwnCloud & Pad
Well, to be honest, I don’t know what is needed for this job. Sam did it so far. I suggest A good way to start would be to open a new topic for each called ‘Pad Management’ & ‘OwnCloud Management’ and ask Sam what he did. This topic you can use then to do the job.

Look how this procedure worked out when Seigo took over the Facebook Group.

There is a some information about the Pad & OwnCloud on the forum. Just click the Links in the TECH OVERVIEW - But the info is not complete. You can start with the information - copy it to a new topic – and try to investigate the missing information.

###Blog Management & Partner Management
Well, I think it is up to your creativity how you fill out this role. It could simply be that you moderate incoming Blog post ideas (Blog Category) and make sure they are published at the Website when finished. Beyond that you can write Blogpost your own here and there. And invite people to contribute Blogpost.

Whatever you do, I think it is good, to describe how you would approach the job by setting up a Management Topic about it. I just set up the my Management Topic for the BoST Overview Role.

The same is true for the Partner Management (which is probably a bit more complex).