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This is about the OSCEdays newsletter – Tech and Records.

See first comment below. @sharmarval and @Jaime switched to Mailchimp for Newsletter number 2. Before it was Phplist - see the history of this topic: version 5 & 6


PM with credentials

Who has the login credentials?


former access:



Okay, so myself and @Jaime spoke this morning and decided that in the absence of any viable open source solution, we will use Mailchimp for our newsletter from now on.

A newsletter can be a powerful tool if used in the right way and we need to have visually engaging communications that stimulate the community, communicating about the latest cities and interesting organizations that have joined, our latest partnerships and so on. As soon as an open source or more suitable option comes available we will adopt that.


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we need to send out a newsletter about the new global date 2017 and the Writers Weekend in March. I can do it. But I need the login credentials. Can you please send them to me via PM.

@Frans @sharmarval