OSCEdays TWITTER Management topic

This is about the OSCEdays (Main) Twitter account:



current Twitter channel managers

@RicardoRug (main)
@Lars2i (side kick)
@sharmarval (side kick)

Log in

The login is shared HERE.

Access to the channel have


A bot

There is a bot called “OSCEdays all Tweets” retweeting all tweets with the hashtag #OSCEdays created and maintained by @huelfe

Does anyone know what email account is linked to to our Twitter account? Or, where this information might be found?

Update: I have found the email and added it to the login information page. Who manages the oscedays@gmail.com email account? @Lars2i?


I don’t think anyone is managing it right now and it should not be in use, or is it? I have the password in case you need it. I think our YouTube channel is connected to that email account.

Can you add the email password alongside where the twitter log in details are shared. It should be available to us, just in case.

Done. The address and password should also be shared under the video channel. But it is good to have it here also!