OSCEdays BoST Overview Management

This is the OSCEdays BoST Overview Role – from the BoST To-Do-List

The job is currently done by @Lars2i


##What I do

I try to make sure that the overall collaboration process of OSCEdays runs smoothly and works. Therefore I

  • Keep the To-Do-List up to date and make sure people take on Roles and communicate around them. And that critical roles are taken.

  • Keep the OSCEdays Readme and Meta-BoST Topic up to date

  • Make sure in the /admin dashboard of the forum that the @BoST list is always accurate (add the people that are in and take out the ones that aren’t). -> I make sure the @BoST members have access to the invisible category where personal data is stored.

  • I collaborate with the BoST Call Manager to make sure everything is on the Agenda for the calls.

  • I try to find and encourage new people to join @BoST

  • I communicate important things to @BoST & community by using the public BoST CHAT


Do you have questions or hints for me? Please post a comment below.