ACTIVITIES   Products, Objects, Hardware

[WORKSHOP] Hack-a-Dixie Happening (4)
[CHALLENGE] Circular Sanitation ( 2 ) (23)
About the Products, Objects, Hardware category (2)
Space Preparation & Furniture Building Sessions – on Tuesday & Wednesday (31st, 1st) next Week (19)
[WORKSHOP] How to build a recycled plastic Compression Machine (2)
[CHALLENGE] R.H.I.Z.O.M. - Pop Up Cultural Spaces (3)
MENTOR SESSION – Product Design for Circular Economy - Tox (Marten Toxopeus) (10)
[Challenge] Technology, Intelligent Assets, and the Internet of Things (1)
[CHALLENGE] Precious Plastic - Recycling Machines (1)
[WORKSHOP] Internet of Plants (1)
[CHALLENGE] Document your open source hardware project (3)
Denver Challenge 3 - Build a bike from Denver waste (1)
Our challenge is to set up an open source bee monitoring system to which anyone can contribute and share data easily :) (5)
CHALLENGE: Building an Open Source Circular Ecohome (1)
Sustainable Home Hackathon (3)
Berlin Farm Lab - urban self sufficiency (3)
[CHALLENGE] Design a connected worm composter (2)
[Challenge] Open Micro Methanization (5)
[CHALLENGE] Nutrient-Recycling-Toilet (Workshop) (19)
CHALLENGE 4c3: Low tech products (2)
[PROJECT] Jerry DIT - Design a platform to empower the collective (1)
Wudu' water challenge (1)
[CHALLENGE] The FairCap - An Open Water Filter Project (1)
[CHALLENGE] Imagine Zero Rainwater Pollution - Call for participant (14)
[CHALLENGE] Baubus: Open Source Regenerative Toy Bricks |1| (4)
[CHALLENGE] Circular economy cosmetic bottles (10)
[CHALLENGE] 4c4a: Grown furniture (13)
[CHALLENGE] Design & make open source urban furniture for public spaces (7)
[CHALLENGE] Design and Documentation of a heavy load bicycle trailer: Carla Cargo Crowd (2)
[CHALLENGE] Design Open Standards for Upcycling Furniture (5)