Space Preparation & Furniture Building Sessions – on Tuesday & Wednesday (31st, 1st) next Week

META: Modular and Circular Construction of Furniture for the OSCEdays Berlin 2016.

You can follow the development process here.

The full documentation of the results is posted below as a link.


#Announcement, Invitation & Challenge

During the next “Agora Baut”-Session, which will happen from 31.05. - 04.06. (next week), we’ll take two days, Tuesday the 31st, and Wednesday the 1.6., to also test out the layout of the space for the event and build some furniture out of used material that is already in the space.

###Days & Time
TUESDAY: 13:00 - 18:30 (and 19:00 start the regular OSCEdays Tuesday - also here at Agora Rollberg)

WEDNESDAY: 12:00-21:00



We will experiment with modular & circular construction for the furniture (exploring the 3ERLIN GRID).

Come by if you want to help and experiment with us.

@Lars2i @friederike @Ina @Mayya @Shu

Early, very quick and rough 3ERLIN GRID experiments by Mifactori

#Development and Documentation
The solutions are developed below.

UPDATE: The final documentation of the results is posted here.


I was in the space earlier today and had a bunch of ideas.

###1 Seats

We can create seats/benches with the old styropor plates. I tested it. Very comfortable and stable enough. We just have to cover it in paper. And if a test shows it is not stable over long time we can go to Kunst Stoffe. (@Kunst-Stoffe ) They have plenty of old paper-tape there to stabilize it.

And I think it will be interesting to see people write on their seats :slight_smile:

###2 Pinboards
We can hang the pinboard from the ceiling. Just use the wooden plates there and a chain with hooks. A chain is good, because it allows to adjust the height very flexible and fast. And can be reused.


wooden panels

chains - we can get in the next hardware store.

hooks, also available in the next hardware store, img via thecityisopensource

###3 Seats 2
This yellow metal structures are perfect for benches! Comfortable, i checked it. :slight_smile:

We have to figure out though how to make them stable and on the right height. They have holes at the side, we can use for bolts.

One possibility would be to place them not the this structures. Perfect height. And when filled with water (as supposed to) then they are heavy enough.

With this, we already covered 80% of our furniture problems. Jeai! And it is all modular and circular mostly (depends on if we have to use tape and if we can get non-toxic tape.)

We would need some cleaning supplies though.

Thanks Lars
Hanging from wall: rather unsure cause it might move back and fourth.
Time is from 1-6pm
Cleaning material: if you provide a full list Frieda and me would go buy it

jepp, forgot to add that. We can use two bricks per panel (or something else heavy) to make it heavier/adjust it to the bottom.

And if it swings a bit … i think this is not to much of a problem. Let’s test it.

And with the cleaning supplies, let’s see, what we really need and get it on that tuesday/wednesday

@Shu had some very cool circular design concepts for tables and panels would be nice to test these out as well

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Cool. Anything to share here upfront @Shu ?

Indeed! Marie and me drafted this proposal for the event space. Here are all the source files:

Here is a fully parametric OpenDesk alternative with no waste, built without CNC machinery and to be disassembled without tools:

I can help with the building session if I’ll finish the network infrastructure (Internet, WiFi for the OSCE days) in time.

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I did a little research.


If we want to use chain - we need 2 x 3,5 m per board + 4 x carbines

###CHAIN Option
Chain: 1m = 2 Euros | 4 x carbines = 3,50 | Total: 17,50 per board (Bauhaus Hasenheide, when ordered online cheaper.)

Chain is nice on a functional level. It makes us very flexible. But I am not so sure about the aesthetics. Rope could be an alternative.

Or tightrope (Drahtseil) could be an alternative. But it will be equally - or more expensive - and make us less flexible. Although aesthetically more pleasing probably. I can think of a solution that makes us still flexible. But would be more expensive.

14m of 2mm thightrope = 11,20 + 2 x Seilklemmen 3,10 = 14,20 per board

if we go for security and use 4 x Seilklemmen it will be 17,30 per board

##Seats - Styropor
@Shu posted some concerns about the seating idea on Facebook. Maybe he will share it here as well.

If we would go for it it would give us more then 25 little benches. I found 3 options to cover it up.

###Option A: Multi-functinonal blankets
(Bauhaus Hasenheide) = 3,45 per piece. (one piece per bench 25 x 3,45 = close to 86,25 Euro) | aesthetically not so nice.

Price per bench: 3,45

Option B: Malerabdeckpappe
(Bauhaus Hasenheide) - 20x1m = 9,95. - I guess we would need around 5m per bench. 2,50 Euro per bench. | Aesthetically good. Might not be stable enough. I have some leftovers from another project. Will bring it around on tuesday to test before we make the call.

Price per bench: 2,50 Euro

Option C: Packpapier

There are two options. This one 150cm. = 59 Euro (We can get this probably cheaper online). This would cover all benches I think. There is something in the entrance area. Will bring a sample to test.

Price per bench (with 25 benches): 3 Euro

And here is the second option. 100cm x 10m.

In the cheaper version:

price per bench: 1,75

I think Option C is the best.

##benches yellow
Ok, found a cool trick yesterday to make some very stable benches with the yellow metal planks. (using wood or bricks and threaded rods (Gwindestangen))

Will go later to the hardware store and investigate potential costs per bench (one bench = 6 people)

The trick is: there are holes at the side of the planks. If we drill holes into the wooden bars or use the holes in the white bricks, we can srew this together with threaded rods - it will result in very stable construction.

###UPDATE: Price calculation

I did some more research for the benches. If we would build it with wood and buy everything new (there are some rest-peaces of wood in the space that could help us and save money) and use the 3ERLIN GRID (so we would build parts that can be reused later for other stuff as well) this is what it would sum up to:

We got 30 of the yellow planks that sums up to 15 potential benches. (= 7 complete challenge tables, 90ppl)

Per bench

  • Threaded rod M10, 2m = 3,10 Euro
  • 4 nuts, 4 wenches (50 nuts = 4 Euro, 100 wenches = 6 Euros)
  • 10 x wooden bard (78x98x300) = 9 Euro

Price per bench: 13 Euro

####15 benches

195 Euros (+Transport of the wood)

##chains update
Also consulted and brainstormed with @rhizom in the space. Chains seem to be the best option and aesthetically also doable.

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##Price Calculation
For the infrastructure ideas expressed in the two (updated) comments before.

6 boards hanging from the ceiling with chains (17,50 each)
105 Euro

15 yellow benches (13 each)
195 Euros

20 styropor Seats (1,75 each in Option C)
35 Euros

Tooling (probably mostly tape - if we can’t avoid it, which we should.)
20 Euros

###– 355 Euros –

And we would end up with circular and modular equipment. That can be stored easily and reused for many many different things.

If we order (source) smart, we could end up with a smaller amount.

I don’t like the styrofoam blocks, they are dirty, mouldy and not made to be sit on. It will be even harder to use them for insulating the coworking space once they were used as chairs.

Sitting on a blanket is nicer than sitting on paper, so I would prefer blankets, not paper.

I am not a fan of the massive steel profiles as indoor seating. I think they will be too cold and uncomfortable to sit on for hours in a challenge - usually steel benches are made of mesh and powder coated for that reason.
However, they can serve us well when we want to build the green house or have benches outdoors!

Ok, concerns taken. I think let’s test all solutions (I will bring materials to test each) and then see what happens.

hi, should I rescue ex-floor boards for building (ca. 1 -1,5m long)? There’s a whole container here in my street that I could raid tonight, I could bring them by car tomorrow lunchtime.

Did we try to get materials from Material Mafia? Might be cheaper.

German engineers at work with @Jan_D @MichaelHilf - exploring and using the 3erlinGrid (

Documentation will come online soon. (Teaser: all the solutions above work and will be in place.)

@transitionmaike – good thinking. For now it is too late. We build everything with materials that are already in the space - reuse old Kindl-Stuff. We needed some new stuff – from the kind that also Material Mafia or Kunststoffe can’t provide. (Documentation will come online soon.)

For next time: you can also ‘order’ materials yozu need from Material Mafia and they will let you know once they managed to source it. That’s their service model.

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@Lars: can we manufacture pieces according to your grid to build another cyceloo-model?

yes, sounds great! The 3erlinGrid is up to be used by all of us :slight_smile:

I am happy to share the experiences I made with it so far on the event. And after the event I will share a lot also in the web. At the Mifactori website and here as well.

#Documentation of Results

The full documentation with a lot of images is posted here.

The chain idea worked also well.