Berlin Farm Lab - urban self sufficiency

I’ve been following Valentina Karga’s project for a few years - she explores and experiments with small-scale, individual/community-level projects for food production, waste cycles, housing/structures and energy.
See for example a few posts & links on biogas:

Millions of Chinese peasants in Sichuan produce their own cooking and lighting gas.The Chinese are very relaxed and open about handling human excreta. They are the only people in the world who are....
In Berlin is 4 degrees C outside at the moment and it is going to get much colder soon. A biogas digester cannot work under 15 degrees C. So I moved mine indoors, at my office at the University of the...
Materials to built a simple biogas digester. Instructions to follow soon.

I will get in touch with her and see if she’s interested in joining our event.

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@cameralibre did you get in touch with Valentina? We will be working on building a micro bio-methanizer in Mouans-Sartoux.

I wonder if you’re interested in connecting to the Circular Sanitation Challenge this year to help further this part of urban Open Source self sufficiency technology.