Sustainable Home Hackathon

How do we create a means of living that is desirable and sustainable? That uses our resources to efficiently create a quality of life that is superior to our present experience. That people wish to transform their lives and adopt new patterns of existence?

This is a big topic, and has many facets and opportunities to engage around and create new solutions. We have created a framework for prototyping sustainable living solutions - to explore what we need to live well on a room by room basis.

See video here for more clarity on what this means.

During the OSCE days we invite you to come and experiment with us. To create and prototype structures, and use the framework to try out your own ideas.

Already happening:

  • Mushroom wall panel insulation experiments - can we grow our own insulated panel walls using the waste grain from kindle brewery?
  • Showerloop/kitchenloop - how can an offgrid shower and kitchen unit fit within the room by room system? (More Info at Showerloop Website)
  • Dynamic Insulation experiments - can we recycle the heat that would normally leave through the room by circulating fresh air through the walls?

Other opportunities:

  • Creating a vertical garden wall panel
  • Upcycled furniture design for tiny living spaces

Expertise welcome but not required. What is essential is an open mind and a willingness to try new things, research and explore yourself experiment together to create new solutions. If you have ideas you want to try on this framework - come and do it.

Bring tools if you’ve got them and feel like sharing

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Hi, hope to see you on the 9. for the cyceloo (circular loo) iteration as part of the [CHALLENGE] Circular Sanitation
I hope to create a facebook event the next days to show what we’re planning. Will let you know when I get there.

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