[CHALLENGE] Design and Documentation of a heavy load bicycle trailer: Carla Cargo Crowd

##Hello to everybody, my name is Erich Eisfeld and i am engineer at the young startup Carla Cargo (see carlacargo.de).

As we promoted our trailer to be open source during our successful crowdfunding, we want to proceed on the open source part of our project. We are convinced that that kind of bicycle trailers will appear in every country, because our first prototypes have shown up the usefulness of that vehicles. Also we get emails from all over the world like europe, africa and asia. I guess for countries with low GDP it’s a great alternative to a more expensive car!

##Why do i participate?

I’m participating the OSCE days to find designers, thinkers and do’ers to help creating a Carla Cargo trailer version, that can be rebuild by anyone with locally available materials (i.e. old bicylce parts, contruction materals…) and a moderate equipped workshop like simple welding tool and a metal saw (or even without welding!)

I’ll bring some examples, plans etc. and will introduce you in every necessary point.

##Why do i think this Challenge fits into the OSCE days & what is Circular?

  • building a trailer with discarted materials (upcycling)
  • the bicycle trailer is an alternative to a car
  • the bicycle trailer can be used to realise local businesses (market stand, snack bar, transportation…)
  • and of course because its open source!

##I’d be very thankful if you can give me a feedback to this topic until the OSCE days :wink:

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