[WORKSHOP] How to build a recycled plastic Compression Machine

What we are going to build:

We are going to rebuild and improve the Precious Plastic Compression Machine.

Who we are:

@mattia - from Precious Plastic
@Timm - from Open Source Ecology Germany

What’s our goal?:

  • First of all: replicate with as much upcycling as possible
  • Check the machine for possible modularity adaptations
  • Try to find more improvements (if even possible) with focus on OSCE
  • Documentation: as precise and efficient as possible [any help is welcome here]
  • End-goal: Have another version of the Precious Plastic Compression Machine under OHL to share for free

"ready when you are" :wink: join us on Friday (afternoon), Saturday, Sunday

Open Tasks:

  • You want to help us finishing the documentation? → great! talk to us!
    or write to telegram.me/TimmW

What tools we need:

  1. drill & drill set
  2. saws
  3. bit to cut circle in metal
  4. welding machine
  5. files
  6. bolts & nuts tools
  7. electrical connection
  8. triangle magnets welding
  9. Helmet
  10. Welding clothes
  11. Gloves
  12. Clamps
  13. Angle grinder
  14. Cleaning Cloth&Liquids
  15. Metal Brush
  16. Threading tools
  17. Drill press
  18. Table with clamp

What materials we need:

Main structure


Press table

Electronics Box

Supporting partner of this project


Good Afternoon,

I am a Community Developer working for Makesense an NGO helping social entrepreneurs, and more particularly I am working on the Future of Waste program we are trying to involve citizens in the development of organizations and innovative startups that transform and create new ways to manage our waste.

For 5 years, MakeSense has been helping 1360 social entrepreneurs like you by mobilizing people to find solutions to the challenges you are facing for your development and 85% of them said it did help!
Here are some examples of challenges that have been solved:
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How to attract and mobilize a community of volunteers?
What name should we give to our project?
and many more !

Recently, we have launch a global campaign to focus on major waste players with huge social and ecological impact : the cooperatives, entrepreneurs and Ngo that foster better waste collection systems.

With my colleague Antoine we will be in Berlin from the 26 of July to the 4 of August we are really interested by your recycled plastic compression machine.

If you are interested by what we are doing and the help we can provide you feel free to contact me and we can organize a meeting

Thank you
Have a great day

Violette Simeon
Community Developer @Makesense