Our challenge is to set up an open source bee monitoring system to which anyone can contribute and share data easily :)

The Hiveeyes system documentation
Hiveeyes is a data collection platform for beehive monitoring voluntarily operated by the beekeeper community. We aim at making non-invasive beekeeping as affordable and comfortable as possible. The project uses low-cost, low-power hardware and is built completely with open source software. For further details, please see the projects’ Goals.

Who is behind Hiveeyes?
We are a group of beekeepers from Berlin regularly meeting on wednesdays to build a telemetry platform for beehive monitoring. We are Karsten, Robert, Clemens, Richard, Martin, Andreas and Dazz. Feel welcome to join us.

This community project originated from the independent Open Bee Hive, Open Hive, Beutenkarl, Hiveeyes and Hive Monitor beehive monitoring projects. The solidary apiculture mauergarten (facebook, bienenblog) was one of the major catalysts for bringing us together. On the tech side, the project is one of the many spin-offs of the popular Arduino Forum thread Measuring the weight of a beehive.

Getting started
For sending data to a self-operated Hiveeyes backend or our open Hiveeyes platform swarm.hiveeyes.org, please read the Platform services and Data acquisition documentation pages.

The open Hiveeyes platform swarm.hiveeyes.org is composed of open source software components like Grafana, InfluxDB, Mosquitto and Kotori, providing an instant-on experience for data collection and visualization. It always runs the most recent stable release of each software component while we are making sure all parts fit together well.

All collaborative efforts integrated into the platform will be available to all of its users. Enjoy having all upstream changes and new features available without thinking about backups, maintenance and upgrade procedures.

Do it yourself
All hardware and software components are developed completely in the open, so you are always free to build and operate your own monitoring infrastructure based on these technologies.

For getting into the details, please read the Do it yourself page or get in touch with us.

swarm event documented:


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Hey guys!

Thanks for the ping @cameralibre

Awesome project! Would you be interested in working with us to record in-hive audio? We’re developing a sensor that detects hive states based on audio frequencies, and we’re looking for people to record audio from different hives and upload it for us to analyse and inform development.

You can see more about our project at www.opensourcebeehives.net and more specifically about the work on sensors here. If it’s a yes, we can send over more information .


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hi over there,
it´s definitely a YES, audio is the next big thing on our list.
pse provide all necessary information about your audio sensor and hardware needed to run.
thx, karsten

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Hi @Karsten_Harazim (nice to see you here, by the way!) you can see the development history of @OSBeehives audio sensing on their forum:

and it looks like there will be some updates this week too:

But just searching for ‘audio’ on http://community.opensourcebeehives.net should bring you up to speed pretty quickly.

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Hey @Karsten_Harazim !

Sorry for late response! (@cameralibre didn’t receive any email notification about above posts – we had this same trouble in our forum a while ago and it might be a technical issue if others are experiencing same thing?)

As Sam shared above, we’re working on a white paper that will contain all relevant info about audio–I’ll try to remember to post it here, but to be safe you might want to sign up to our forum so I can tag you directly in there: