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WORKSHOP – Circular Coding – learn about the roots of open source, how you can use coding as a superpower and let's explore how software can make an positive impact (2)
Looking for circular economy collaborations in the health care sector (1)
Digital Collaboration Platform (5)
CHALLENGE/TOOL – IPO tables – Document, Organize, Discover & Invent Closed Cycles (5)
[CHALLENGE] TransforMap invitation of tenders (1)
CHALLENGE: Building next gen OSCE Days digital collab platform (3)
CHALLENGE: App against climate change: Helping people do something: quick, easy and 4 everybody? (13)
Denver Challenge 2 - Finding solutions for collaboration (1)
Mapping resources with open knowledge: starting by books with Inventaire, the P2P library! (2)
About the Data & Code category (2)
[CHALLENGE] Build an Info Lab - Don't waste your data (1)
[CHALLENGE] In-real-time open data for transportation (1)
[CHALLENGE] Drawing web development roadmap for open knowledge platform (1)
[CHALLENGE] Develop an iOS/ WP app for DataCrowder (1)
[CHALLENGE] IPO tables hackathon (3)
[CHALLENGE] My Own Notes 2.0 (3)
[CHALLENGE] GreenDelta / openLCA at OSCEdays15 Berlin (12)