[CHALLENGE] Drawing web development roadmap for open knowledge platform wwww.adoptajerry.cc

Open knowledge is at the core values of Jerry Do It Together.

To answer to a specific local need, a Jerry computer is built out of reuse and by is users who create a profil on www.adoptajerry.cc.

JerryClan community members share their experience to collectively learn how to build better Jerry computers.

So far, our documentation was mostly on Gdrive, we now want to upgrade www.adoptajerry.cc to make it our pedagogical + toolkit platform.

As a draft of action plan,

  1. we will initiate online conversations to clarify & priorityze community needs
  2. then build teams around each main challenge (design, knowledge, code on https://github.com/jerryDIT )
  3. defite a proper a action plan 8)

Who we are looking for ?

  • motivated web project manager to facilitate collaboration
  • JerryClan members / workshop attendees to share their ideas
  • Web dev, specially RUBY to make it happen

Please raise your thumb to give us a hand :wink:

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