[CHALLENGE] In-real-time open data for transportation

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The city of Mouans-Sartoux is looking for solutions for a sustainable mobility. While the use of cars is still mainstream in this area, it is important to promote and facilitate sustainable alternatives such as the use of public transportation, car sharing, bike or just walking.
The access to data for public transportation and especially buses is lacking visibility and is not very efficient >> hard to find the right website, nothing on google map (who cares anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ) or open street map, different buses services if you go from one area to another.


Map the public transport and show in real time the timetables
Map the access for bikes, pedistrians
Build an app for easy access
Build an app for car sharing + focus on in enterprises car sharing

Stakeholders & Resources

Agglomobilité >> website developed by CAPG.
Initiative VĂ©lo >> cartography project for bicycle paths on the area of Grasse / area of Sophia. // link with the association of Sophia


Elf Pavlik?? (to be confirmed)