[CHALLENGE] GreenDelta / openLCA at OSCEdays15 Berlin

openLCA is a free, professional, open source Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software with a broad range of features created by GreenDelta since 2006. It is suited for research, teaching, and business application, with a comprehensive portfolio of available databases, including ecoinvent and GaBi. (http://www.openlca.org )

You are wondering what LCA is about, how you can analyse the environmental impacts of your products or how openLCA (see screenshot below) helps in that process?

I will be on-site for a Q&A session on Saturday and hopefully we´ll collectively work on a case study about packaging. Do packaging-free goods really have a better impact on the environment??

Feel free to post questions in advance so we can discuss interesting topics on Saturday.

See you there,

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Hi @franziska_moeller, This is brilliant - wish you were in London too to advise as I think one of our challenges will be heavily LCA focused. Do you happen to know any London based good contacts/ links here who may be interested to take part? I’m also hoping to get myself set-up and acquainted with in advance! thanks Erica

Hello @TechnicalNature, I don´t know anyone in London directly, but I contacted Chris Foster in Manchester… He might be interested or know someone who is! Best, Franziska


Jessi Baker (who started Provenance) in London might be interested in this - http://jessibaker.co.uk - I can give her a headsup about it unless you guys already know her?

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Brilliant @franziska_moeller - We’re looking at and working with the Open Energy Monitor so it would great to have expert support as well as knowledge if there is any available data/ knowledge on parts/ components - particularly when heavily electronics/ circuit board based (e.g. raspberry Pi included). Fingers crossed!

ooh thanks @kat - Reminded me! Was in contact last week but then was at Ouishare Fest. I will give her an email again.

@franziska_moeller is there any Mac version of openLCA available? I’d like to have a play but no easy access to Windows…

@pmackay Absolutely, have a look here: http://www.openlca.org/downloads
(You need to install Java SDK 8 first though)

Great to see there is an open source LCA!

Im wondering if this concept works with the
A) input - output and output-input concept!
B) or the environmental product declaration EPD.

The first concept enables truly understanding the LCA and its impact as something toxic like plastic just will not be a good LCA, as it can have very few good output/input uses.

Looking forward to heaer more about this
@Lars2i what are your throughts about this?


PAD: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/berlin_openlca-at-oscedays
FOLDER: http://is.gd/openlcaoscedays

Hi @Alexander_Prinsen, jepp i asked Green Delta about the idea of input-output-input concept of ipotables and a possible development of openLCA towards that direction (could have been a challenge). But they weren’t interested in the idea. Hope to hear from @franziska_moeller soon some of the reasons, to understand everything better.

ok keep me updated. It sparkes again my imagainaton we had before and what I have learned from the Natural Step, Blue Ecomomy and Interface since I really am eager to get this idea broader. finding a way to get this outside boundaries and yet respecting all those involved, there must be an interesting business model to be found to get this up and running. I await the update