Digital Collaboration Platform

Envienta is leading the way in the design of a platform cooperativism designed for the open source circular design community as part of its overall strategy to develop an open source ecosystem for innovation. Envienta is collaborating with the Amsterdam-based WEquest project that is developing a cryptocurrency based system to support a resource based economy that tracks contributions and rewards both local transactions and the production of goods and services that do the greatest good, and with Stop Reset Go, developing a global framework to synchronize local actions to global impacts by applying planetary boundaries and doughnut economic principles. Please join us if you are interested in collaborating.

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Haven’t click on the video but regarding this part in the preview image:

Have a look at this:

Hi Lars2i! We are working (hard) on the platform. This part is only a simple picture now. But later, yes, we have to deal with licensing things.

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Thanks for replying and clarifying!
Gabor will try to join our BoST call on Monday and can clarify as well.

This activity is really interesting. Keep us posted on the future developments