CHALLENGE: Building next gen OSCE Days digital collab platform

We’ll be looking at how to make the existing OSCEDays platform better with the aim of extending it so it can become a Global Design Commons for the planet. This is linked in with the idea of seeding Open Source Circular Local Economies (OSCLE) around the globe…communities that can start local ecnomies by using open source designs that we generate here.

We will be exploring extending OSCEDays platform using:


and looking to organize a global hackathon this year or next to build the new platform. There are SO MANY groups that need such a platform…for instance, Open Ideo also needs a better platform.

OSCEDays Cape Town will jam on this on June 13 afternoon.


Hello All,
I am interested in the results of this jam. Were there any notes? or documentation in other ways?

Hi Billaal,

Not enough interest in this jam yet during the 1 week OSCE Days event but I’m working with other groups separately to try to work on some pilot ideas.