[CHALLENGE] Develop an iOS/ WP app for DataCrowder

Data Crowder is a place where curiosity meets research. It is a networking platform and a knowledge hub for inquiring minds, which we define as micro-researchers. The tool aims to empower creative minds across Europe to be more involved in their communities and ensure their free access to data. Overall, our goal is to overcome the lack of accessible micro-level data (usable, friendly, open and free to download for anyone).

Being as diverse as its people, we believe Europe needs engaging solutions that would monitor the societal changes and keep people updated at all times. This means that information and new research need to be accessible across networks and languages. Micro-researchers like policy makers, urban planners, sociologists, advertisers, architects or students need context for their work and they need data that is accessible and at hand. Data Crowder can offer them exactly that.

The mechanism behind is easy: 1.ask/ 2.collect/ 3.visualize/ 4.share. Once a topic is researched with DataCrowder, the data will stay open to anyone interested in that certain topic. Open data that is. One of our favorite concepts.

But in order for people to have better and quicker access to data, they should first have access to the tool that is able to provide that. So what we would need is either an iOS app or a WP app (already have an Android app) that would help people answer the topics discussed on DataCrowder and also better monitor and manage their own topics.

All in all, Data Crowder promotes the concept of “engaged citizenship”, meaning it encourages individuals to assume their role in the community, know about the importance of speaking their minds and have opinions about things that concern them.

The team @OSCE Days
Alex Gotca, Urban Planner - experience in business consulting and start-ups;
Maria Pepine, PR Consultant - experience in public relations and social entrepreneurship.

We will be there from Friday to Sunday. If you have questions, please let us know.
Hope you’ll join our challenge!

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