CHALLENGE/TOOL – IPO tables – Document, Organize, Discover & Invent Closed Cycles

##IPO Tables

Hi, this is a project with the goal to develop a simple tool to document, discover and arrange closed material cycles in a decentralized way.

Project core ideas and concepts are described here: IPO Tables Website.

At the website you can also find the prototype.


Below in the comments you are invited to publicly share feedback or suggestions.

Please test the prototype at your event and collect the feedback for us.

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​came across this one from tu delft

@Lars2i this is the table I want to mimic, finally found the background information

Ok, looks like much inline with what I have in mind.

Btw. an IPO tables hackathon was already planned last year. But I got caught up with global reporting and stuff.

But with a fresh “LASTENHEFT” (= Specifications) we could start it this year.

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@Lars2i and me did user testing at the OSCE-Days in Berlin and collected this feedback

  • Process description with clickable links
  • how to handle tools, extra or as In & Output
    • maybe a special kind of thing
    • how to handle change of tools, e.g. dirty spoon
  • aggreate or search of process
  • graph visualisation
    • show if circle is closed
  • energie cost, CO2, manual labor, time as process costs
  • unclear interface what is process, module, what description?
  • I&O Fields with suggestions (done)
  • public APi to connect other systems
    • supply & demand
    • actors
    • open hardware sites
  • quantities for things
  • description for things
  • better example modules
  • change order of I&O on things page (done)
  • tags / categories for modules to make search better
  • wikidata as a source for things
    • has an ontology structure
    • has already things like ground coffee & used coffee grounds
  • check out systemic design and documentation systems

Two of the points we could already implement.

The new prototype is reachable under
the code