OSCE days London Event - June 2016 - READ ME


Welcome to the London OSCEdays collaboration and organisation space!

We are the local Organisers of the OSCEdays London Event 2016 (and 2015). This little READ ME tells you who we are (so far), how we’re beginning to develop the 2nd London OSCEdays and invites you to join us in its further development - most importantly also a place to engage online in developing ideas, projects and the form we’d like the days to take as part of the global OSCEdays

The London Team thus far is (Please update with your own 1-2 sentence bios with background/tasks - this post is a wiki so if you’re signed in and go to the bottom to the edit you should be able to :slight_smile: )):

Please join in, we’re happy to welcome you on board.


What we’ll work on during the days, as well as the form it will take, is not set and this is a chance to join in shaping these

These are the identified problems and needs that we’ll be working on during the OSCEdays,
You can join in the discussion on this here.

How to Join us?
(1) Sign-up to this forum and review the London category.

(2) Find a [TASK]. Related to the organisation of the OSCEdays - and open development of it online and offline. If you can help, support with or provide insight than just introduce yourself and your motivations to the team and get going!

(3) Attend a [MEETING] We’ll be organising on the ground meetings here in London before the main OSCEdays. All meetings are announced in the forum. Meet us there!

Still don’t know where to start or have a different idea? Get in touch with Erica @TechnicalNature or Sharon @sharmarval

[Tasks & Meetings]

  • Communication - London OSCEdays
  • Planning - The event, challenges and challenge days
  • Sponsors, Funders & Supporters
  • Meetings & Socials (below)
  • General - Suggestions & Questions
  • Add a task

If you have a new task where you need the help of others, please firstly see if it is related to any here in the London category - It may be a [Sub-Task] - Please put „[Task]“ infront of your topic name. Once a task is closed, please edit it to: „[Task, resolved]“

You’ll be able to find key collaboration documents in our OSCEdays London cloud folder. To add or edit documents and folders, just send a direct message to Sam for a login.

Meetings, Socials - List & Records
There will be some on the ground meetings in the run-up to the main days but we plan to do a lot of the work online using this forum. Just sign up to the forum and subscribe to this category and you’ll receive a notification about upcoming meetings. If you think a task could benefit from a smaller public meeting then please be specific about what the meeting is for and label „[Meeting, DATE]“ in front of your topic title. It may alternatively be less structured and more of a [Meeting/ Social].

[Meeting/Social] - OSCEdays London 2016 1 - 12th April - Electricity Showrooms - 6:30 to 9pm
[Meeting/Social] - OSCEdays London 2016 2 - 22nd April - Kingscross Welcome coffee- Time
[Meeting / Social] - OSCEdays London 2016 3 - 29th April - Electricity Showrooms
[Meeting / Social] - OSCEdays London 2016 4 - 10th May - Impact Hub Westminster
[Meeting / Call] - OSCEdays London 2016 5 - 26th May -Skype
[Meeting / Call] - OSCEdays London 2016 7- 8th June - Skype


[EVENT} The OSCE Days will take place from the - 9th to 13th June 2016 -We have collaboratively designed a number of different events and activities throughout the days!


You’ll meet new people and learn about different ways of working and doing from the Open Source and Circular Economy communities (connecting with local OSCEday organisers and participants around the world)
Documenting our work and results, sharing and presenting solutions and progress openly for others to be able to use and for greater impact and probably having a beer or two…

If you have questions or suggestions for the London event?
Please take a look at TASKS for related areas or post them in Ideas thread

Thanks for reading and looking forward to connecting & collaborating for an Open Source Circular Economy!

This post is a wiki, please edit it to add your name, a link to your user profile and the thing you are working on.

Outline blog from @WoonTan of the #OSCEdays London event (more to follow)


  • Friday10th June - Circular Community Spaces - Open Guidance & Resources

  • Saturday 11th June - Circular Towns - In the process

  • Sunday 12th June - Circular City - An Open Letter For London