[IDEAS] for London, England, UK: OSCE event 2016

Let’s use this thread to have a discussion about what to do during this year’s London event.

I think it would be really nice to have a participatory event this year where we all work together on proposing what we do and which challenges we take on. We are thinking of building on some of the challenges from last year so let’s use this thread for a discussion and to share ideas if you want to get involved!

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I’m forgetting loads of people…


Agreed as long as this LOCAL team you are speaking to is in the city of London Ontario :-). If that is the case count me in and I will get involved. Vic Jasin

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Whoops @vicjasin I am talking about London, England, UK! I will update the topic to reflect this!

So… I’d like to be able to see if we could support continue elements of one or 2 of the challenges from last year: -
Particularly interested in:

  1. Circular Maker Spaces
    Perhaps focusing on a particular element from this to progress further and collaborate with other makespaces in developing in the run up and during the days
  2. Open Energy Life Cycles
    Supporting the further development of particualar elements of this and perhaps making the guidance more accessible or how to further promote, develop?

For myself - I’d like to be able to join in/ take part in the session too :slight_smile: Get down to some open source circular economy work!

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Circular Maker SpacesPerhaps focusing on a particular element from this to progress further and collaborate with other makespaces in developing in the run up and during the days.

One thing I would like to do is:

  • Develop a repository of resources, using the huge amount of tools and data that’s already available that can assist makers. I think it would be really great if we could get this to the stage of a live test-website over the course of the weekend. This is something that could be very helpful to build up the work.
  • Also, I would like to use the session to work on developing concepts to address the barriers and challenges we already identified and test them out perhaps in some of the spaces you mention @TechnicalNature (the first point is also about this)

Open Energy Life Cycles: Supporting the further development of particualar elements of this and perhaps making the guidance more accessible or how to further promote, develop?

Some vague / related ideas:

  • Last year I mentioned I’d like to look at meta-LCA data which is publicly available from environmental product declarations. There was a special issue published recently on the benefits of meta-LCA. I will have a look and see if I can find it. Perhaps this is something that the Restart project would also be interested in.
  • Is there any way we can use the community to crowd-source data? In a citizen-science way?

Yes, I think I said before I’d like to have a more participatory approach this year…all learn together.

Planning to be at Resource Event too on Tuesday 8th - Will be nice to meet @Ina working on Textiles from #city-berlin (as well as share and hear other ideas from the exhibitors, speakers and visitors)! Tweet @technicalnature if there and connect on the ground!

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Right! notes from the London meetup on the 12th of April

@Grit @WoonTan @rachels42 @gpinuk @UsAndRufus & Harry - @sharmarval in spirit!

Here’s some rather messy ones

Which translate as…

Building on one or more of previous years themes/ topics/ challenges - options being:

  • Trust is not a waste / Recycling App - building cictizen trust in the system as well as ability of feedback/ action in improving
  • Circular Makespaces - practical guidance and tools to build and embed circular economy thinking into maker/fab/hacker spaces (and the users/ startups)
  • Open Energy Monitor- building understanding, consideration an guidance around LCA/ embodied energy of hardware
  • CIrcular Economy considerations and guidance for the growing wearbles, IoT, embedded tech/ software/ hardware sector

Considerations of these or looking at cross cutting elements around documentation included:

  • spending time purely mapping and documenting london osce related activities - visit, interview, create a resource
  • elements of making and taking apart, documenting
  • developing open source tools and signage on circular economy e.g. correct format to be able to build on
  • Having an element in including more of a panel, presentation element - reaching out to others who may not be able to attend at a weekend or are less inclined to practical doing - attend debates, talks, roundtables etc
  • law, insurance, patents - around this area
  • measurement, efficiencies of scale, supply chains
  • highlighting and exploring barriers/ enables/ preconceptions of open source/ circular economy business models

Overall the particualr area that stood out and was felt to be a worthwhile focus (with also global application and links) was around circular makespaces - resources, tools and guidance for space and the users (what they make) to be circular

Splitting up - less one type of longer intense event but ability to take part at different parts levels

  • pre-event - warm up week or 2 before
  • post-event - continuation and reiterate the open source collaboration practical aspect / different from traditional hackathon
  • Building the London community and activity - shared time spent on this aspect
  • highlighting and directing to other events and organisations happening during the week that are OSCEdays related
  • Ensure linkages pre - during - post with global networks - perhaps setting these up in advance

What we want to achieve/ get out of it?

  • Have worked and moved a specific focus forward
  • To experience organising this type of activity/ community
  • Use, share and learn new skills
  • Learn more about and open source / circular economy

Places & Orgs
Need to have time - send out to all those linked, involved/ contacted last year - put together a one pager outline
Possible options - look at hubs / make spaces - Possible collaboration Machines rooms
Also possible satellite outing trip to Reading :slight_smile: R-Lab
mentioned Rescom - wikihouse foundation - Open LCA - 6 Heads - makesense (links also to food topic) - KTN (@Barry_W)

  • Mozilla, Aker
  • Keen to link to global aspects, videos, Mentors, documentation BUT keep it simple as limited time resources

Limited funding (have not had time to get sponsorship but will put a proposal together
Food element would be interesting to link with makesene project focus @gpinuk
Will be lean/ efficient / beer sponsor (ofcourse) brew dog… open source
Possible support from Machine rooms for venue one day, maybe CRL and connect with place/s in Reading
Tons of passion and energy :slight_smile:

Communication channels
All join,reacquaint with community forum i.e. HERE

  • slack or email group/ trello for local org and quick response/ planning
  • Gdrive for shared documents

So…The Days Draft Outline …


In advance already start building focus around topic area and action, pulling together - e.g. on circular makespaces connects with Berlin ( @Alice_audrey) , Helsinki (@ckohtala ) @LeBiome etc

  • Thur 9th (or before)
    A more intro wider accessible panel, talk orientated on open source and circular economy - perhaps debate/ business models and circular fab labs/ startups- could even be a lead in week or so before
    Little time for separate event - could link to DFM Summit if anyone is able to attend? Alternatively online hangout/ watch opening etc…

  • Fri 10th
    THINK (& Drink)
    Perhaps more of a social / open mic session with makes sense project style also any other local events happening
    Will be at the Machinesroom focuinsg on developing circular places - resources & guidance - including for users such as LCA with Open Energy Monitor - 10:30 to 6pm

  • Sat 11th
    Practical day of action focusing on building resources/guidance for circular make spaces (and startup tools) BOOST it forward - also how hackathons are not circular…
    Also look at next steps for OSCEdays in London and wider (can continue to sunday)
    Trip to Reading to learn and share/ map osce days related activities and meet people - GreenFest / Water Fest

  • Sun 12th
    Trip to Reading to learn and share/ map osce days related activities and meet people -
    Focus on Circular initiatives for the new London Mayor - an open letter

  • Mon 13th
    Sleeeeeeeeeeep ,oh and document, document, document!


  • Write-up - check
  • Get Gdrive and coms up and running
  • Others to join forum (if not already)
  • Send photo/ preferredlinks for London website to Erica email - erica@technicalnature.org.uk
  • Think and link any suporting organisations/ people related
  • Send out wider email communication to oscedays database of participants/ interest
  • So next meet-up will be 22nd as @Jaime will be in town

Good catch up with @Jaime @WoonTan Fr at Wellcome and Sat @TechnicalNature

#FabTools support people #visualize #connect #make http://www.fabtools.jp.net/#Fablab_Kamakura - Learning in the lan of the giant buddha
• Contributing #IndieManufacturing #Data to @openstreetmap /w @franticuk @amcewen via http://indie.mcqn.com/blog/2016/04/14/contributing-indie-manufacturing-data-to-open-street-map.html - contributing to 'local ecosystem mapping
• also in connection with Amsterdam: Fabcity witepaper & working doc
• also in connection with CRL /Brunel: Fabrizio “Sustainable Product Service Systems (PSS) - Between Strategic Design and Transition Studies” - how to scale sustainable PSS


Update on the “Challenge” focus areas - outline planning here

Outline Focus areas:

  • Thursday - Possible contribution to DFM summit
  • Friday - Circular Community Spaces (and usage) - building on Circular Make Space work & LCA Open energy Monitor from last year
  • Saturday Circular Towns - Mapping and connecting in Reading - As well as Green Fest , Water Fest and Design Disrupt Do
    Can also profile Restart partys that weekend- Ickenham & Hackney
  • Sunday Circular Cities - Crowdsourcing and putting together open source cicruclar economy - open letter for new mayor