[MEETING/ SOCIAL] - [12th April 2016] - OSCEdays London - Open Meet, Share, Plan, Drink




An Open invitation to join a OSCEdays London meetup and planning/ ideas session for an informal introduction to the OSCEdays, share your ideas or activities, projects for it and take part in co-development of the offline event (9th to 13th June).

Alongside this a chat and a drink, to find out more about the Open Source Circular Economy days and developing specific London activities. Taking virtual collaboration and networks on the the ground.

All welcome!!!

In particular we’ll be looking at ideas for the form the day/days (9th to 13th of June )may take activities, challenges or other projects people are working on that could do with support

You’ll be able to meet some of the others involved in the OSCEdays as well as hear about Open Source and Circular Economy Initiatives and linking local organisers around the world.

Where & When?

North/ East London - venue tbd - but probably ELECTRICITY SHOWROOMS (39A HOXTON SQUARE, LONDON N1 6NN) - Any other preferences/ let me know !!!

Date & Time - 12th April - 6:30pm to 9pm

All are welcome, we’re a friendly bunch

Erica @TechnicalNature
…and you?

@sharmarval, @WoonTan @daaain @rachels42 @pmackay @djwesto @gpinuk @Barry_W @Curieous @seigorobinson @DaveGreen and any other London based on the forum I may have missed!

Follow-up Notes:

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Sounds good, look forward to it :slight_smile:


Sounds good! Just heard about OSCE Days, great initiative. I’m away for bits of April, but hopefully I’ll be around when this is on :smile:


Super @pmackay & @UsAndRufus - will check out possible dates this weekend to suggest and put them up! Hopefully we can have a few in advance of the days - meanwhile can share ideas and get conversations going in this thread


I’d be keen to attend this, please keep me in the loop.


Thanks for coming all and those who missed - find the notes here - Next one on Friday the 22nd