[TEAM 2015] - Communiations - PR and external communication - Berlin event June 2015

This is the team for PR and communication to externals. We will talk to the press and organize a press conference and set up other communication activities.

So far
Feel free to ping us if you want to join.

#Our Communication Plan
###1. June 4th – Invitation to press-conference
Send out Invitation to the press conference. We have main press release and one more focussed on textiles and fashion. In english german

Main Press Release – German

Main Press Release – English

Fashion Press Release – German (link soon)

Fashion Press Relaese – English (link soon)

Collection of addresses of journalists. [TASK]

###2. June 11th - The Press Conference
10:30 at Agora Cafe, Mittelweg 50

@Lars & @Alice_Audrey will pitch the Main OSCEdays
@Ina & @sophia will pitch the Circular Textile challenges

We will invite the journalists to the final presentation & panel discussion happening on Monday 14:30 at Agora

###3. June 15th - final presentation & panel
In Morning: Send invitation to the final presentation & panel discussion 14:30 at Agora

[TASK] - Pressemitteilungen schreiben & übersetzen (creating press releases and translate it)
[TASK] – Adressenliste zusammenstellen & Einladung verschicken (collecting addresses of journalists and sending out an invite to the press conference)


OSCEdays Berlin Facebook Event - Let’s post there on a regular basis and spread the link! Invite all the others to do the same. Crossposting with the Circular Textile Challenges FB Event!

Promotional Videos to share

  1. Wood

We will discuss issues on the regular OSCEdays Meetings. Meetings are announced in the READ ME. If we have meetings just for our team we will announce it here. Just subscribe to this thread.

:sunny: 1: [TASK] Pressemitteilung für OSCEdays Berlin

On a related issue.

what do you think: Should we have a seperate FB-Event for the OSCEdays Berlin event? There we could publish the Call for Challenges and the Call for Participants. And invite people.

@cameralibre @Ina @sophia @Frans @Alice_audrey @transitionmica @eliana @Justine … ?

From our fashion experience (we have created a Facebook event), I would say yes. Several people have contacted us because they have seen the fashion event on Facebook (or have been invited by friends or friends of friends). But we have to decide for which “categories” we want to create separate events (cities? topics? challenges?). There are already significant overlappings between the FB group, the FB fashion event, and a FB Berlin event…

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I think yes! And in my opinion every city should has it own FB-Event.

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Hi everybody,
I am ready to do a part of the communication, and would be very happy if somebody else would join me!
Who else is in?

Unfortunately I don’t understand how to edit the post above :slight_smile:

@Lars2i, should we meet next week to look at a first press release draft, rough time plan for releases and communication, contact list of media addresses, and further promotional/communication ideas. I’ll try my best to prepare what I can, and we can continue collecting at the meeting.
Should we do a separate meeting or squeeze it in with the regular meeting?
Best, Anna.


Now I got it… Copy-pasted the comments to the entry above.

Hi @MartinaSkender, are you interested to join the communication team and support @Anna_Perrottet? I just remember the Sustainability Drinks Event… It was so great how you have organized and communicated the event, so I thought you might be the right person for this (if you like, of course) :smile:
Related to this: We should also inform the Sustainability Drink / Betahaus community - could you help with this @MartinaSkender?

And is anybody interested to support the social media marketing, e.g. by posting on the Facebook Circular Textile event page? If so, please let me know.

ok, there is a FB event now: https://www.facebook.com/events/651267801671017/

Share it :smiley:

Hi Anna. Ok, i restructured the topic above a bit. There is a link to a draft of the press release now – it is a wiki as well.

For the meeting. Yes. I guess let’s meet 1 hour earlier on Thursday – so 6pm. So we can discuss just this tasks. Here is my phone number. Please send me a sms, so i’ll have yours.

I started a collection of addresses for journalists. Everyone feel free to add addresses of journalists you know.

The next Sustainability Drinks Berlin in the Betahaus will be on the 21st of May at 7pm. They always have quick pitches after the event and it would be great if somebody could pitch the OSCEDays. Unfortunately I won`t be in Berlin on this day… Could also be a good chance to invite the GIZ to the event?

Maybe good to inform:

For next year :smile:

Hi there, wouldn’t it be useful to publish a clear and visual agenda of the OSCEdays in order to make clear the when and what of the challenges? this is a feedback I got from potential participants who didn’t understand the program. @Lars2i @Alice_audrey @cameralibre

Hi @Sylke - yes, thanks, we are going to work on it soon. After the call for cities closes - tomorrow - we’ll have time to do it.


Hi all! Sorry I only see this post now! @sophia I would like to join @Anna_Perrottet in communication team in the English speaking department :blush: ) I will inform Sustainability Drinks / Betahaus.


Dear @MartinaSkender, great! I saw that there will be a Sustainability Drinks on May 21st. Would you like to present the OSCEDays and Circular Textile Challenge there as a quick pitch? Unfortunately, I won`t be in Berlin on that day…

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Hi @sophia! I am not yet sure if I will be in Berlin also! I will find out in the next 2 days and let u know.

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Dearest @MartinaSkender! Are you joining for the meeting tomorrow? I am not yet sure if I will be able to attend the press release, as there will be a Get changed! event on the same day in Berlin.
So maybe you could think about if you would like to take the lead there. Let’s discuss tomorrow. Best, Anna.

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Hiii @Anna_Perrottet :slight_smile: Lets talk about this tomorrow, I will be at the meeting. Best, Martina

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